Indian Femdom

“Chappal Marungi!” … BOY!

More on Indian femdom, and the lovely S.O. of mine right now … who just tol me the following.

(this was after she told me to “bhag!” means “run away” post a request of mine to her to “give me some time to write to you”, hehe).

Even she knows how important my sites are to me, hehe, and being she believes in femdom herself, well … (and enjoys the PROCEEDS from it, as she should, well!)

But anyway, we had some disagreement. Of sorts.

She didnt agree.

And laughingly, she told me what she told me Madam Mona would do to me all those months ago.

“Moona Joote Madegi Tere Ko!”

(Mona will beat you with her shoes, boy!”

“Chappal se marungi!”

“I’ll beat you with my flip flops, boy!”

And nice pink flops they are too, hehe. Bought by yours truly.

And yours truly has history with flip flops!

Could be Miss Summer, an dher pink slippers!

Or Carol’s pink slippers!

Or, perhaps Ms. Priyanka’s pink slippers that I held close to me all those months we were “seperated”, little but knowing that life has a funny way of turning full circle when you LEAST expect it.

Sylvester Stallone, a favorite actor of mine once had the following to say.

You gotta keep buying those lottery tickets, because you just never know, my friend. You never know!

His life changed in a year with the release of the sleeper hit Rocky, so what he was saying was – keep hitting it – NEVER, ever give up – even when it looks the bleakest, because the darkest hour is often and always indeed before the dawn!

So it was with Miss Priyanka and me, and you can read about that in the Sequels, of course.

But for now, slippers have even more of a “negative” connotation in the subcontinent than other places.

And being “beat” or spanked by those slippers, or even looking at them … well, it’s a MECCA for femdom lovers, I’ll tell you that!

Especially if one of them accidentally hits those dangling cuck balls, hehe.

Tickle, tickle.




And I remember that so well as Madam Mansi once did to me all those years ago. Then the lovely Ms Chen, until my “wife” came along …

And so we come full circle on this post!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji … and your “chappals” too! All worship worthy!


Mike Watson

PS – Be sure and pick up some tales of Indian femdom HERE.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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