Indian Femdom

Staring at her DIRTY socks. What an honor!

Remember the post/email on the gardeners – the fat Indian female gardeners yesterday ?

That morning (yesterday) I saw a young girl part of their group too – like with the dhobans younger daughter, Ma’am was wearing socks. And out there in the sun – in a Profound Pose we all know, Madam on her tummy, soles showing …my!

In Sin City Diaries, I wrote about how shoes would be strewn outside – or in the back corridors, stairwells etc of the bordellos – they would be polished, brought back to the client. And the girls would put on their socks, shoes for them so they did not even have to bend down.

Truly takes servitude to a new level altogether x – Ying and yang, full circle – is it any wonder my own brand of femdom, and indeed, all serious femdom should be this way (as Carol once told me “very serious for me!!”) -is universally regarded as brutal and effective like NO other?

It’s because it’s REAL life.

Not fancy “scenes” requested by a client.

It’s what you see daily around you – which as Hannibal Lecter pointed out correctly, you nigh CRAVE!

There is very good sense in putting pictures of what you like all around you!

Subconscious mind and such but anyway, back to socks – taking Indian ladies socks off which tend to be very dirty – my – so nice! Just staring at the different pairs of dirty socks, toe socks, normal socks – kissing them reverently, or doing what Priyanka so innovatively made me do in Serving an Indian Goddess.... My!

Such a turn on, and we have not even gotten to the soles. Hee.

And that, my friend is the update for now.

Staring at a bunch of Madams dirty shoes, chappals, socks, jootis…



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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