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Why getting our latest product will bring GREAT LUCK TO YOU, my friend.

We’re hard – pun intended, and not – on our next product, my friend. LOTS going on, and this product, you ask?

Well, it’s this one –

25 ODES to Indian maids, they so DESERVE IT!

25 odes to downtrodden ladies from the subcontinent that will teach YOU about femdom – REAL femdom – LASTING femdom in a manner that hits HOME – in a manner that will NEVER leave you – and bring it to YOU too at the deepest levels like never before, as it should be! 

Madam, Paye LAgu!

You’re so nice – you so deserve it!

Now, you saw an email on this this morning, I’m sure, but after that I stepped out to run errands, workout, on the way I was thinking, looking for signs as I always do that I’m on the RIGHT path (not that I need more confirmation on what Madam Gaby, everyone I know, and myself included which is the most important have already TOLD ME!)

And while stepping out – here are some things I saw – in no particular order, I’ve not even counted.

I do NOT believe in coincidence, it all happens for a reason, the Universe is always sending us messages – even when we’re UNDERFOOT!

And, in no particular order –

  1. Heading out, first thing I saw? An older lady wearing LONG shoes – the feet longer than mine – but they could be a pair I just discarded – except bigger feet. My, so nice, if that wasn’t ever a sign to proceed on this project, what else is?!!
  2. I smelt “turmeric” while thinking about it. With a lady’s voice coming through, in India, thats considered lucky.
  3. I saw monkeys. Two babies, then one adult, then another, until I countd 7 – a  MAGIC NUMBER!  (Not to mention, today is the 14th Feb = 7! And, 2023 adds up to 7. MAGIC!).
  4. I saw a tired old lady sitting on the roadside, painfully rising up, I wish I could have pressed her legs a while, she’d enjoy it, she needed it!
  5. A maid walking, splashing through water on the dirty Indian roads, ankle high salwar, anklet on full view, sort of the like the goddess on the cover of the book!
  6. A young’s maid slippers thrown in the trash. On the way back, one was gone, one remained. I so wish I could have photo’ed it- I would buy it, keep with me! Madam, Paye Lagu, memsahib… JI!
  7. A lady with BIG feet, smelly feet – in CLOGS so they smell more – with unpainted toenails … walking by – talking about dogs and monkeys! By the way, all these dogs and monkeys – I saw them ALL on the right side of the road a while ago!
  8. Perhaps apt this is point numero eight, a four leaf clover was waving at me, sending me vibes like nobody’s biz!
  9. As I worked out, I was next to a lady sitting on a bench, her shoes waving away all the time! Lady wasn’t being direct, but she was looking, enjoying the bare chested display of virility, and I was so glad to perform for Ma’am for free!!
  10. And as if I needed “completion”, I then took a shy maid’s foot pictures – as much as Goddess would allow (pity she did not let me rub her feet in public, I wanted to so put her on a pedestal as she DESERVES!!!!! with other women looking on, doing the same to me, admiring this old lady…) – and they are on the cover of the book!

Well, my friend, with all these lovely vibes, and all the femdom benefits you get from the book, this book will be nigh lucky for YOU – you’ll not only understand true and lasting femdom so much better, but you’ll start to be more respectful towards women in general, and that starts it all, in your thoughts.

And if you’re into femdom, this once in a lifetime book with its unique insights will bring you good luck – like NOTHING ELSE CAN!

And if you can’t figure out why as yet, you ain’t been paying attention.

All of this naturally means I will price it high, this sort of info does not come cheap – so get it while it’s on pre-order status because TRUST ME, the price will go up VERY SOON!

Go HERE to grab it.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – If someone has THIS email in their records, I know I sent it out – ”

“I feel so womanly talking to you, Madam Gaby!”

DO get back to me! This one seems to have disappeared from my record, and I so want to read it – so please send if you’ve got it (do a search in your marketing inbox etc if you dont mind – thank you!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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