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Paye Lagu Malkin… LITERALLY!


Mike Watson has made no secret of his manifestation skills, but sometimes they astound even me , and I’m used to spectacular results – femdom wise – results wise in every sphere of life!

I’ve been moving over the past few days, which is something I manifested through means even I did not know.

And as luck would have it?

The place I’m renting is owned by a landlady – an older Indian lady.

A dark skinned Indian girl is on the second floor – landlady on the first, yours truly on the … well, bottom floor. So apt! Hehe.

Top floor is likely two girls too.

Now, all of this you’re used to, but this older lady – I kept hearing comments about how crabby she was, how “unaccomodating she was” – and so forth.


I spoke to her first a couple of days ago, and had no problems.

If anything, she makes me WEAK – with SUPPLICANT LUST!

Man, from the minute I saw that red nailpolish on that ONE BIG TOE – the old toe – she’s probably over 65 … I fell in lust all over agan- except to SERVE MADAM!

Cranky, crabby irritable voice yes, extremely dominant older lady that took my phone number from the get go, and even told me how to save it. Hehe.

But really speaking, ever since then, I’ve been thinking of just … pressing her legs!

I dont know, while she relaxes?

Kinda of like with a landlady I once had “Elizabeth” (in China) – and the minute I met her, she’s about my age in those shorts – long legs – MY!

I was truly in LOVE – submissive sissy love!

And I even asked her if she went shopping with the rent I paid her on time. Hehe.

Anyway .. this old lady is so NICE!

Ma’am, Paye Lagu! I’d press your legs , feet while you watch TV, drink your wine, whiskey, whichever it might be!

It’s so NICE!

And that, my friend is that.

To understand the sheer groveling LUST I feel – and you will too – completely always unsatiated which makes it WORTH IT and – makes me want to serve till I DROP! – get 15 Odes to older ladies … that SO DESERVE IT! – NOW.

Trust me, you’ll understand!

And every serious femdom lover simply must have our collection of odes as well on their femdom bookshelf.

And thats that!


Mike Watson

PS – Landlady. Malkin. You get the drift! I even call her “Aunty JI” though I dont need to, and I feel SO NICE every time I say that!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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