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Foot rubs, massages while she EATS, I stay hungry. SO NICE!

A while ago, I saw the ravishingly dominant and GORGEOUS Canadian Pakistani actress Ushna Shah in a “soap opera” from the subcontinent – the kind Ms Priyanka loved so much – and so did I, pressing her legs as she watched, you can pick up so many female characteristics from there muah – and they have plenty of FOOT massage in them!

Usually women massaging women, which should and has changed, male of the species UNDERFOOT AS IT WERE!

She is such a Queen that her name should be Perfect Madam Ushna, even if you’re not into femdom or feet!

And so she is, Paye Lagu to her again, even in her least dominant avatar which has such subtle sexy dominance which I saw, Madam coming home from work, rice and lentils ready for her on a plate, she eats, or starts to, flops down into a sofa irritated after the day, an older maid starts rubbing her feet, squatting obesqiously in front of her. Madam ignores her. Eats. MY!

Like the maid was a THING, which she is – hehe – for Madam!

Suddenly abruptly, she gets tired of the maid’s chit chat, and pulls her foot away, the clip ends.

As I was sitting there today so tired I wanted someone to literally feed me slowly -rub my shoulders – flick my nipples, cock (suck) – all while eating at a slow, leisurely pace like a king … (which I so remember a certain Carol calling me, hehe) …

… I was literally exhausted, thoughts passing through my head, and one of them – the first, well, if you’re into Pooja Memsahib … JI! – and every TRUE FEMDOM LOVER IS – if you’re not, you’re not really into real femdom – it is THAT simple! – thought was?

Actually the third thought. Hehe.

It was kidney beans.

I was eating a DELICIOUS meal of kidney beans and rice.

Scat lovers, and those that have read the book above know Pooja Ma’am loved those, and picking those out of – not just picking, but staring at them every morning – worshipping them in the SHRINE to her POO … well, you know what I mean, the DEPTHS OF SHEER CRAVEN ABJECT DEVOTION one can DROP TO, and be happy there!



Her POTI! (shit as they say in Hindi, was holy to me, always will be, all of her!).

Anyway – I so wanted to feed my Indian maid while she relaxed.

Pressing those tired yet strong arms, the shoulders, back, feet, head, all of it in turn as she barked out commands, eating comfortably while I fed her, hungry – yes, but I wouldn’t care!

Or, for men – the male equivalent?

Giving him – as I often did Master Wang head while eating, which made the normally long Chinese dinners even longer!

Often times, I’d hold him cum in my mouth as he spat repeatedly in it, then spat leftover FOOD into my mouth, then I’d swallow the disgusting mess, but one look at his lovely DICK – his dickhead – his long COCK – wang – and you’ll know why I did. Those balls, always so PERT – OH MY!

Truly, he is my lord and Master …

ABJECT, craven devotion, I still remember the lady in Sin City Diaries giggling.

“Ni Xi Huan Nan Ren ma”? Do you like men?


You’re so nice…!

And I SO want Master Wang to humiliate me publicly, as he does so often.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – The Sin City Diaries compilation is one you will NOT want to miss, along with Penis CEntral and Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and the Penis Reader! All on audible soon too – stay TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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