Indian Femdom

The maids soles, her CALVES – the other maid on the balcony!!

More femdom signs from the heavens!

That lovely Indian maid I wrote about so – WRITE ABOUT SO! After the events of  this morning, even her feet today – dark, speckled with RED!

So nice, as I talked to her, I almost hugged her, standing close to her, she could feel it!

And cleaning, I saw her calves, I almost droppe ddown right there, kissing each toe of hers, begging to press her calves.

Lots going on!!

Mike Watson is “moving” sort of – and the femdom signs from the heavens say this move will go well – very well – and the plans too!

In the meantime, this lady is a true Goddess, my friend, and if you’re truly into femdom – truly want to understand my devotion to her – attract the same to YOU – then get 25 odes to Indian maids NOW!

Really, with all the ladies I am gravitating just by .. WALKING outside. MY!

I’d never cum, Ma’am. I’d massage you and make YOU CUM all day! And night.

You’re so NICE!

Thank you!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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