Indian Femdom

Radha ma’am, Paye lagu, Madam … JI!

Those cracked soles, those soles, MY!

And her saying she loves listening to music while doing self pedicure.

Madam, you deserve someone to make your soles like butter, as an SO of mine – guess who, hehe – was told years ago – while YOU RELAX!

Oddly enough, Radha Ma’am looks just like this SO in many ways, right down to the vibe of some of her posts, the irritated DOMINANCE dripping from her posts, her eyes, the SARI she wears – “that nose” as a friend of mine once said about my SO … I dare not call her more than that, hehe … and so forth!

And last night, that picture of her with her feet in a bucket – MY!

That was the “culimination of it all”, and I came bucketloads – for once, not to a lovely long penis, hehe .

But either way – I can’t get those soles out of my mind!

I’d SO want Madam to flex them, put them on my chest, best part is how Madam says “I wish I had someone to do it all for me!”

So true, Madam, so true!

I’d do it all for her, provided she puts those lovely feet up, takes my MONEY, and barks out orders.

Women like her are SO PERFECT

Indian women in general are!

Women in general are!

And she so wants, DESERVES a nice servant for her!

My. She’s truly driven me “nuts with lust!”

Unfulfilled forever of course Madam …

and that is THAT!


Mike Watson

PS – Her HEELS were cracked, I so think she would love peppermint foot cream! Muah!

And I really wasn’t going to write this, I really wasnt


She’s too gorgeous and dominant, I just HAD TO SAY IT, now I have! Paye Lagu, Madam .. JI! You’re so, TOO, NICE!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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