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Bhagwati Ma’am – Thank you SO much for taking an UN-ANNOUNCED holiday!

Ma’am, you’re so NICE!

In India, its always a bone of contention between maids and their employers – them taking “unannounced leaves of absence” – and the work that piles up for them in their absence, even if its just a day off.

Now true, one should always INFORM one’s employer before taking off, but then if they DO inform that employer, the employer will bitch and moan even more. Hehe. So I think what these ladies figure is this – they’re going to complain anyway, so why not just take off anyway.

And this sexy video is enough proof of it! – One of the best and most classic Pakistani femdom videos I saw! – YouTube

Anyway, I’m not going to get into “expect positive” and positive will happen, which is what I just told Raven, one of my narrators (doing Femdom Central – NO pun intended “doing”). He had bad luck in his last job, but was somehow thinking what I told him later ie.. “the Univese meant for us to work together” – but then didnt want to say it because he didnt want to jinx it.

I told him the following.

If our gut says something, it is usually almost always right – if there is one thing I’ve learnt in all my life thus far (and a very “Storied” one as you can tell, haha – pun intended and not both! Hehe) … it is to “live in the flow” (100% no matter what is going on around you) – and to follow one’s gut, and if that little voice says something, if you think something no matter how fleeting, then its probably true. Lots of folks associated the “jinx” thinking with it, but that thinking is man made, if we think “it will happen”, or “its meant to happen” – then it will. Thoughts are things my friend, and they are the most important thing you can keep in your head – and indeed, they are what lead to greatness down the road – or ruin, or a life of mediocrity – depending upon how one THINKS!

I realize some of this sounds “new agey” – but it really isn’t, I’m not a believer in how most people teach and talk about manifestation in terms of the easy way out, wearing lockets, chains, amulets etc to “attract” – all of that isn’t what attracts, your thoughts (subconscious or otherwise – whether one is aware of it or not) “attract or repel” as it were.

Including for femdom! Hehe.

And that, my friend is that. Keep improving at your work which I know you will, and I look forward to moving ahead, and of course, your SPECIAL effects – where youre the expert, I look forward to it again!! 🙂

Anyway, before that I was thinking of asking Toyshika, a lady working on a book compilation for me about her progress, since I had not heard back from her in a few days.

and bang on target, I heard back.

I’ve often told folks to rest up after putting their energy – big time – into something, femdom scenes included.

You need “downtime”.

That could be 10 minutes in a dark room for some, a day for some, or more, or for some, “doing something else”.

I’ve often had it when creating a product straight for 10 hours – the next day, I need “some rest”.

Those creative juices flowing – no pun – take a lot out of you!

Anyway ……………………

Point of all this being – here is what she responded back with-

Hi- All is back to normal. Took your advice and rested my voice & body for two days. I’ve got about another 38 minutes left on the first book. Have already also recorded a chapter on the other. Started editing what I recorded since I only have a bit left to do. I kept the layout how you had it. So don’t expect any changes. – T

A simple enough email ,eh?

Except it ain’t.

MAN THAT DOMINANT VIBE – the way she (unwittingly) said “dont expect any changes, boy!” w/out the boy!


And you guys will love her narration, like Raven she is INTO the scene actively mostly as a dominant.

Only by walking a mile in the other man’s or woman’s shoes can you truly project that VIBE INTO IT and I’m fortunate to (or, I do what is required in order to ATTRACT) said folks to me! And our work.

Yours truly – –

Hi Princess Toyshika (if I may, hehe) –

The more I “chat” with you, the more I love the VIBE coming off your! Very regal indeed, and I’m so glad you took the time to rest up! That is required, of course, when you put all your energy into something, you have to recover – its a natural law of the universe, and sounds like you’re almost back to 100% now which is great.

“So dont expect any changes”. – I sure won’t, Ma’am! Hehe.

And I look forward to your “submissions” – no pun intended! 😉


The same thing for Amanda, whose narrating Owned by Madam Aa Ling, after the SUPERB and quick narrations she did in the flow for A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China and 15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM OF HIS LIFE and have him salivating FOR MORE! – I was going to ask her to “recharge” – heck, I’d need it!

She did too, and she’s back in full flow now too. Hehe.

I dare not ask her for her progress report … 😂

I so love working with ladies! (the professional ones, haha).

Anyway – how does this all tie into the most outwardly unprofessional Bhagwati Devi, the SO constantly complaining about how she shirks work, doesnt do even her job (and even I have to agree, smitten and infatuated though I am even by the dust under her ROYAL-LY cracked soles – she’s right) … all of this feeling intensifying over the last few months, as has MINE. Hehe.

Normally these maids are given a “piece of the employer’s mind”.

My case?

Last time I just smiled at her when she was late. Asked her what she was doing as if Madam had gone to a ball Cinderella style hehe.

This time?

Madam, please give me your bag, as I open the door for her, or “opened”.

As I told Raven, I think it, and it happens, and it doesnt happen the way the manifestation gurus claim it does. IT does through action!

“Ma’am, thank you SO MUCH for taking a holiday!”

She grins in that sly manner, not directly though.

“But Ma’am, it’s your right!” I say, placing my hands on those soft shoulders (so much for her being older – that skin is sexy and smooth as ever!) …

Ma’am, please relax more,Ma’am, thank you SO much for taking an unannounced holiday!

Ma’am PLEASE sit down for a while.

And she would, even more thrilled, and I’d press her feet, the complete difference in class, disparity in outward status – MY! All of it adding to the LUST of the situation, scene, both for me and her!

My SO when firing her didnt do it directly, of course.

She said “we’re going on holiday, so you find new work”, when questioned why she did not do it directly, well, it was one of those “India things” apparently!

Apparently not done directly, apparently maids gang up on the employers if they do it directly, then the next time they need a maid, they wont show up or ask for more money etc.

“Inko zyada bhav mat do!” goes a popular Hindi saying.

Dont treat them well basically it means, keep them in their PLACE – ignore them.

Except, I dont care if she gangs up on me. Or if her cronies do, and I knew she wont tell anyone about us, and hasn’t.

We keep the truly special things close to our HEART, my friend, no matter where we are in the world, culture and language notwithstanding, and an older washerwoman smiling at me the other day, she could have been a slightly more fair skinned Bhagwati is but proof of this.


I’m out.

I want to kiss her toes 10 times each and thank her for taking an unannounced holiday.



Mike Watson

PS – Some have unsubscribed after seeing the sheer level of REAL devotion I have for this lady and others. Look, thats fine, if you’re not into real femdom, and if this doesnt motivate you to buy 15 odes to ROYAL Bhagwati Devi NOW – then you’re not into femdom, simple — not truly, its a jack off fetish for you and we dont want you in that case here either! …

… if you are, well, get it NOW.

You probably already have!

And thats that – back soon.

PS#2 – You could yell at this lady all day long, and she’d reply politely, the perfect slave.

(Indian employers often take out other frustrations on these maids and domestic servants)

But, that LOOK, that knowing VIBE.


She knows.

She is WAITING for the right minute to strike, as she should, lovely canny older lady – and she KNOWS she’s struck with me. Hehe.

Ma’am you DESERVE IT after a lifetime of labor because you DID what you had to move up the value chain.

And you so deserve it, Paye Lagu, Madam JI, you’re TOO NICE!

PPS – And to think of it, this is the same maid, as I’ve said before, the SO couldn’t stop gushing about – hehe. (The SO has odes to her in her own right – …

Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, even if thats w.r.t her slave wanting another Mistress. Hehe…

Bhago is smart though. She knows where the REAL power lies, in the MIND that is most powerful, hehe, and thats ALL I am going to say on this one.

That is HOW she got to where she is, a true Garima Madam “gone big story” times 100!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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