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Aanchal Maam’s lovely, BROAD, STRONG shoulders!

I consider myself pretty fit – quite fit actually, and I am!

Yet, some of the ladies I see around me – either in real life, or “by chance” on Twitter etc – my!

One of these ladies is a certain “Aanchal” (I wont name “details” here other than this) – possibly a weight lifter, and not so much a bodyweight enthusiast which I am and I believe thats the best way to go overall – and I’ve written about her before! (remember the “hulk” post – hehe which I then modified? ;)) .

Now, the other day I saw, randomly, a post from her “beamoaning” her rest days off.

With an absolutely STUNNING picture – showing off those huge arms of hers, the shoulders, and the massive upper body – more than the breasts, I was focused on the MUSCLE – which of course made the breasts stand out that much more and give her MORE OF a regal, commanding and OH SO LOVELY LOOK!

I had to respond, of course -and I did.

Rest = growth was basically all I said.

But I get it – rest days, especially after days of hammering it hard – can be BRUTAL mentally!

You feel like you need to do something – anything – and often times, and this is why my friend advocates training DAILY – doing SOMETHIGN without fail – stretching etc gets things going again – I’ve had those brutal days turn into excellent workout days, not always but sometimes.

This doesn’t happen always though, so I get it, Madam – feeling “somewhat down and guilty” – but (and as she likely is today) the next day you ROAR back!

Like the tigress she is, I’m sure Madam has too!

But on that rest day, MASSAGES are something everyone needs normally – but while working out, more so!

And all I could think about?

Was massaging those big muscles of hers, sore, tired, and doing it for hours, the wide expanse of upper back, the strong biceps, huge shoulders – forearms – especially and of course the thighs, calves and bottoms of her feet – those lovely soles!

She so deserves it. (and more than the physical benefits, it would take her MIND away from not “doing anything” which is KEY).

Strong ladies are SUCH A TURN ON – mentally, we all know why, but physically too.

And I’m so happy to see these ladies daily!

Mucho support to ALL Of you!



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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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