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The tale of the Two Jyotis!

At the age of 19, I met Madam Jyoti – or Priyanka, as she is in the book – and my life was never the same again.

Those flip flops, those lovely BROAD feet – that look, those big eyes – that VIBE – all of it – MY!


Hell yes but … I dont know, I’ll always remember that FIRST meeting, walking together, those FLIP FLOPS – famous by now – haha – more!

About the HEART basically.

Ditto for a certain “Miss” Summer – never call her Mrs, boy! Hehe.

Anyway – over the past year or so, I’ve been seeing Twitter posts from another lady named “Jyoti” (we won’t get into more details here) whose vibes, posts, all of it HIT HOME so well!

Yours truly of course does not use social “shedia” more than “she” – – or he, hehe – has to!

Addictive, brain destroying, and an utter waste of time it is – yet, it has it’s advantages, and I dont just mean marketing wise.

It has so many lovely ladies with those dominant VIBES ON THERE!

Anyway – over the past couple of days I asked this Jyoti if I could have the honor of speaking to Madam “privately”.

And we have.

And much like the Jyoti at the age of 19 (boy, pun – hehe – life sure does come full circle eh) – she slept very little, and was always tired the next day …. this lady is the same!

With that Jyoti – well, we all know what the 3AM calls “come NOW, boy!” were about.

With this lady, it’s about her own dates, eating late night dinners out, her version of KTV – and so forth.

Physicality INCLUDED – face aside, the two could be the SAME!

Jyoti gained a LOT of weight (the one I spoke to at 19) “in the middle” if you get my drift.

She’s slimmed down a lot NOW.

I’ve no doubt the same will be true for this lovely Madam I’m talking to – who by the way would be PERFECT to narrate “Serving an Indian Goddess”.

I have not broached it to her due to the ongoing KDP issues, but given what she said about requiring extra income etc – hey. I will soon!

That book has been “auditioned” for by several Indian ladies, but it hasn’t happened as yet, the actual narration

Maybe it will NOW!

We’ll see, for now, pick up some of our sizzling hot and immensely popular audiobooks HERE!

And for books and manual – you know where to go!

Back soon.

Paye Lagu, Malkin.

You’re TOO NICE!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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