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Why I love the salwar kameez so much!

Why I love the salwar kameez so much!

Because it’s nigh on PERFECT for femdom BOY!!

And of course. . . it just adds to the ALLURE and the DOMINANT VIBE!

I just saw a picture of an Indian lady promoting a refrigerator brand on what I can only assume is an Indian language newspaper online.

Don’t know how I got there, of course.

Well, I do.

I was thinking about Garima Madam, and Indian ladies, and how the “salwar” is one of my (by far) favorite traditional dresses in India (and no, I haven’t yet been sissified in one for those that wonder, hehe 😉) . . .

. . . more so than the Sari, which I’ve written about before.

The sari is one of those loosely draped garments that is great for concealing not only the body, but also excess fat, and “tantalizingly” displaying skin (or if you hike it up, especially around the ankle, then the entire LEG!).

The entire visage if accompanied by the right mindset (yes, her mind is most important, boy!) makes for a stunning indeed femdom spectacle, but the “salwar kameez”, as they call it in Pakistan and India??

Well, to me it’s an EVEN sexier garment in terms of femdom and why?

(especially when worn with slippers, or ethnic “jootis” as they call ’em, hehe)

Well, it’s no secret that I’m a foot and leg man and most into femdom probably are to an extent.

And those tight “salwars” are basically like tight pajamas completely SNUG at the ankle, so you couldn’t see more than the foot and a beautiful one at that if you wanted to, boy!

You wanted FEET, boy? Thats all you’ll get!

I remember my eight grade Civics teacher wearing one, and the lovely long feet (and toes) and the BRIGHT RED nailpolish Madam used . . . and of course, the punishment she gave me, hehe.

I remember Madam Vandana and those loveliest feet ever and the CHERRY red nailpolish, and the dirty soles . . . (which made me jerk off as soon as I got home!)

And I remember Garima Madam in both a skirt and salwars, and the picture I just saw was a lady wearing slippers along with what I’ve mentioned above (and curiously enough, I was thinking about just that a while ago while lying down in bed, thinking of what to write to YOU — we truly do attract what we think about deeply, eh?) and this is what I just saw.

And it reminds me of many an Indian Goddess, with the loveliest and best maintained feet ever, often times as haughty as Chinese ladies, or even more so if we’re talking Garima Madam.

And that’s why I love the “salwar” even more than the “Sari”, hehe.

More on this later!


Mike Watson

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