Indian Femdom

The old Indian Beggarwomans soles caked with black grime, the perfect calf. My!

My, my my!

Truly yet another Shantaram day walking around in the grime and dust of India, lovely poorest of poor footpath dwelling ladies all around. We will talk about two in particular here!

Beggars in India, foot path dwellers here are ostensibly the lowest of the low, even more so than maids and domestic servants. Legend has it though and this is backed up by fact that the beggar Mafia in India, a horrid but well thriving industry makes so much money that a lot of these folks drive around in luxury cars at night.

And the two Madams today – women that would never dream of being called that in their wildest dreams are but proof of that.

Proof of what Greg Roberts, an Aussie on the lam in India wrote about living in the slums, the women, their vibrant smiles, colorful saris…the vibe!

What does this have to do with femdom – plenty!

Worshipping the downtrodden is what it’s all always about!

Walking back from the bank I saw this older pavement dweller on the pavement. Older lady – sari hiked up to mid calf/shin – a calf you’d normally expect to be horribly dirty – but my, it was pristine, even waxed, and the best part?

It was set off so perfectly by a huge sole. In that Profound pose, crossed!! Oh my!

Icing on the cake, the layers of black grime on that sole contrasting so well with the calf! Shin actually, but you get the point.

I had to look.

And my, the lady felt it. I could feel her looking at me curiosly…

I’d beg to clean that foot. Really!

Id eat that grime off her soles. Literally! Truly, it’s a struggle not to cum in pant right NOW!

Press her legs forever. Obey her. Anything for those SOLES!

On the way to the bank, another one of these women – all covered up. Face visible, and my. That face was made up better than most models, with a body to match!

Oh my.

My,.my, my.

Such Queens and Goddesses from the lowest strata of Indian society. I should probably have talked to them! Haha.

Maybe someday.

And that’s what makes it all worth it my friend.

Back soon.

Paye lagu, Malkin ji! You deserve nothing but the groveling best!


Mike Watson

PS – In the bank, a lady they were calling Madam – same job as the two guys serving me – was calling the other two “tu”. A rude way of referring to people and my, I was sitting there thinking just why that was happening. Still not quite sure. Yet, it all makes sense. Female dominance all around in India. My!

PS#2- In the shower, couldn’t stop thinking of her, those soles caked with layers of grime that even yours truly “very experienced” hasn’t seen – or experienced in a while, the contrast with the lovely fair shin, the setting, vibe, that profound pose, feet crossed. Oh my. Yes, again. The more I say it the less it for this Goddess!

I’d beg to be fucked her in the ass by her as she laughs at the foreigner desperate to humiliate himself in the most BLASE and DEBASE fashion – manner, hehe – I love Indian English, so cute! – in front of a bhikatan (Beggarwoman) – literally considered lowest of the low! Even more so than laborers…

I’d beg to beg for her in the heat, dust and grime of India.

All for that sole, the opportunity to give her my earnings – to be under her soles!


These Indian Queens, so many of them.

And they make life so worth living in India!!!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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