Indian Femdom

Nandini Ma’ams white tennis shoes…

And she is!

Ma’am loots me so expertly and it’s always about HER. Servitude Central has PICTORIAL proof of this, but for now – here’s the point – WORKOUTS.

And how you can use LUST to improve your workouts beyond belief – even if they aren’t sissy workouts!

Contrary to what you might think sissy workouts are anything but sissy. Some of the most dominant HE-MEN would fall FLAT on their backs – no pun – trying to do some of what I teach you here.

Most fitness gurus dont even come close to teaching it in their vanilla classes – its a well known fact too, of course, that Mike Watson is in WAY better shape than most out there – fitness so called gurus included.

He’s not only ripped with a big dick (which makes it all the more appealing for dominant women – hehe) – he follows the tips laid out in A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China, AFFIRMS regularly – and therefore his success.

But physically, yours truly can take COCK from all angles – I can also serve for hours on end.

Him, her, both …

And THAT last bit is key.

Anyone can jerk off to a fantasy.

But its when you, as I wrote about in an email prior to this truly SERVE and satisfy the Dominant – is when YOU as a submissive will truly experience real dominance, and satisfaction as a sub, my friend.

And it’s true.

It’s nigh true.

And these workouts get you in SHAPE to be a real sissy – as outlined in Sissy Central (those tips are mental, they are cardinal rules of sissydom, these are different – these delve into the physical).

Even if you’re not into being a sissy, there’s so many ways to make a workout better!

Imagine kissing each lovely toe while you do a pushup.

Imagine bending MORE for her, with her feet there!

imagine spreading them legs wide for the thickest of cocks to take YOU – or two!

The sky is the limit.

Lust truly motivates, inspires, and PROPELS us to greatness (males, if stayin CHASTE) like you’ve never known before. The great Napoleon Hill was spot on when he spoke about sexual transmutation and the benefits. It really does apply.

Enough for now.

I so wish I could lick Nandini Ma’ams dirty shoe soles while she has sex with her boyfriend, and loots my money.

No doubt Sir has a big dong too! Hehe. 🔥😍

Best, with lips on HEAD, stopping right at the BASE of the lovely pink head- xx

Mike watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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