Indian Femdom

The way I looked at Madam’s feet…

Women KNOW.

And when you’re submissive, when you’re looking at their feet – albeit not in a creepy manner, albeit the right way, no X ray etc – – they KNOW IT.

They can feel it!

Even if you dont mention feet, if you do it right, it will show in other areas – Madam Su, and her first comments to me are but one example of this. Hehe.

This afternoon, walking back from an appointment, I was looking at her feet, a lady I’ve seen so often, another one of those “downtrodden” ladies.

Her feet seemed even barer and “fairer” – she believes Chinese girls are fairer though!

Maybe, but beauty is beauty.

Not skin deep!

Anyway, I could tell she was looking at me, wanting to chat, but she’s too shy to, when I did, she was too shy to give me her number as well. I still remember that first time in the pouring rain I offered her an umbrella, walking together, few people do that, I’ve done it always, India, China, everywhere – its a feeling, gut kinda thing, help your fellow man or woman out regardless of what “society” thinks.

Just do it!

Could be the lady made up to a T I saw the other day, her BACK – my, that saree, the plunging neckline!! And BACK … but her feet, oh my, the pedicure and nailpolish on the tip of her French pedicured toes…

And thats that.

If you’re attracting on auto pilot, these things will be familiar to you.

Ma’am, Paye Lagu!

You’re SO NICE!

Please cuckold me MORE!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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