Indian Femdom

Perfect Mistress Rachna’s ARMPITS (stinky!) – her FART AND SHITS (even stinkier!) – and of course, those lovely perfect SOLES, and the perfect BITCH she is and I LOVING IT!

Im so excited!

I forgot to type “women” instead of “woman”, but in a odd way, this pathetic cuckold, as my lovely SO calls me might as well be pathetic in English too.


“So what if you can speak English, boy!” she often tells me. 


Ms Priyanka (Princess Jyoti) said this too, and made me learn Hindi (well, as much as I know!).

And the Chinese ladies made me learn CHinese.

Not only is it is satisfying for cucks to be DOMINATED in HER language – it’s easier for her, boy!

Which is what counts!

And as she curses her cuck for not doing the dishes well enough (It’s never good enough, hehe) – and as those lovely FAT BROWN arms, which I so love, and all femdom lovers LOVE are on display in a pink T shirt?

Her hairy armpits!

Which I sniff, and gladly SUCK AND LICK the sweat of the hairs.

She gave up on looking sexy a long time ago, as you can imagine!


What lovely musk she has!

And thats another reason I’ve been with Chinese girls, oddly enough not all, but most, that never shave down there or up there, and expect their CUCKOLDS to do so, while they’ll gladly bury their heads NOSE DEEP in real man jungle!

MY MY GOD(Dess!)!

And of course, I saw her one foot, the BALLS of her feet smiling at me. 

I know the search for a new cuck is on, boy!

She might as well have said it, hehe.

She doesnt know, really.

But everything else I’m telling you – all honest – all true – all straight from the heart!

And she ain’t “mine”, hehe.

ITs more like I’m hers, and she once told me she’d “never leave me no matter what”.

She never said she wouldn’t be with another man at the same time too, and thats what I love about her!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib. 

Truly the best!



PS – Though shes an uber dominant force of nature, she’s no more or less dominant than her once colleague “Garima Madam Ji“.

So I heard.

Read about this lady here (not her colleague, but another “Garima!”).


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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