Why I SO WANT to rub my Indian maid’s back and shoulders!

Why I SO WANT to rub my Indian maid’s…

So, there she was, much like I met Pooja Memsahib Ji! – who again, at the time I met her was considered part of the “downtrodden” and socially backward (read – “inferior” in the subcontinent) “majority” in India…

For reference, and a lot of you Westerners reading this may or may not know – just reasearch “maid abuse” (in the subcontinent) or perhaps “pakistani femdom maid” – and you’ll see – and read about how it REALLY happens.

Yes, those videos that turn you on SO – they’re rooted in reality, it happens, and that is what people WANT – they “expect” their maids to be more than slaves in real life basically – and I’ve made my “own egalitarian” views very clear on this, that sort of thing should not be happening ,much like caste based discrimination shouldn’t happen in India, or discrimination based upon skin tone and region of birth shouldn’t happen in China and so forth – and dont get me wrong, these things happen in the West too, they’re just far less in your face and socially prevalent / accepted if you get my drift.

Unless we’re talking THOUGHTS, which everyone has.

Anyway, that bit of philosophy aside – I’ve written about Madam before!

And there she was, that lovely dark sexy skin, waiting for my significant other to open the door so she could “clean” – and it was all I could do not to stare and goggle at her lovely BREASTS, 50 plus year old lady, BIG breasts, so perfectly shaped, those legs SO straight, when she bends down, all I can think of … actually, I just want to kiss those forearms over and over again, rub her head, her soles, all of it, but anyway – where am I leading with all this femdom wise?

The last part yes, but my SO told her in a “pseudo-arrogant” voice (when women dominate each other, which they all want to do, hehe – it’s often not done directly, there is often a lot of subterfuge involved!) …

“Just please wait!”

Or something like that in Hindi.

She was far less rude than most would have been to a maid, a domestic help, lowest of the low, but the vibe was nascent – and there.

Now she sat down – on the floor.

Like the ladies from the park in India – so lovely and FAT-their big tummies hanging out of their saris, their feet SO dirty, those lovely broad Indian female backs screaming “massage me, boy!” …

And much like with them, and Pooja, I’d SO want this lady with the biggest sexiest eyes I’ve seen, that lovely GREY HAIR – to plonk herself down on a sofa, and do what ROYALTY does – or in other words, a lot of her employers do.

“Per Daba!” 

If you’ve read Serving an Indian Goddess, and I sure hope you have, you KNOW what I mean!


And if you haven’t, you better get it now, but anyway – one foot plonked upon on my shoulder while she drinks, watches TV, talks “down to me” – “explains things to me with a raised forefinger which I better nod my head to even though I know”, and plonks that other foot down in my lap, in warm water maybe while I massage her soles.

Or, like the Indian tutor I once had.

“Sir! hath! Per!” …

Read the link above for more on that.

But in addition to that, he’d often be sitting on a chair, and he’d tell the boy to massage his shoulders – then his arms – then his head – barking out the commands like you would to a slave, while the boy obediently complied.  (the above is the Hindi translation for the same) .

Is it any wonder Indians or those from the subcontinent CRAVE domination the most – and submission too. Hehe.

Anyway, I’d so want to rub her forearms, her head, her back, her shoulders.


Most of all?

TALK TO HER, as she talks DOWN TO ME!

She is such a Queen, and she SO DESERVES IT!

And I’d pleasure her all day too!

Ma’am, you’re truly so nice. Thank you for, as a certain Sophia said “I will NEVER show you my boobs!” – NEVER allowing me to touch those lovely breasts of yours.

They’re beautiful, and should be worshipped, so should your tummy, all of it.


And thats that.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – If this sort of thing doesnt inspire you to pick up some of our Indian femdom books, then I dont know what will, you aint got a pulse, and probably dont really need to be on this list either.

PS #2 – Serving Ann and “Mai, my lovely Indian maid” are two other immensely popular books – check ’em out NOW.

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