Indian Femdom

Madam jis, strong, confident neck, walk, feet slapping on past!

This isn’t the dhoban I’ve been updating y’all on real time as of late, but another one I’ve written tomes on before! Those lovely dark skinned feet, almost black, uncared for, not maintained, SLAPPING down ARROGANTLY as she walks by piegon footed, my!

All draped in old clothes, shawls, yet she’s so worship worthy right down to the dirty socks on her feet, though they were bare today, anklet scorned, cracked heel proudly showing itself.

Ma’am you’re so so NICE!

Carrying a weight, in this case perfectly ironed or “pressed” as they say in India – clothes.

Carrying them in hands would disturb the creases a little and Indians can be notoriously fickle and complain about these little things.

In Indian villages, these women do things like move heavy field machinery, grind the mortar and pestle for hours, work the grindstone and carry earthen pots of water on their heads for long distances without it falling off – all things that would put most men to shame. If that pot falls, that’s no water for the day.

It builds the neck more than any amount of artificial exercise does.

Just try walking around like that with a book on your head without it falling off!

And they do it so naturally, piles of bricks too like Bhagwati did …

And it enhances the neck posture, arrogant confident vibe even more, shoulders back, chest out, long straight strong neck!

Ma’am, you’re too nice.

Thank you! Again…



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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