Indian Femdom

Indian maids are some of the most hard working ever x

True doers are always out there – if not by choice, then necessity. Or creating the necessity anyway.

Life, biz , fitness, anything.

Warm weather, cold weather,horrible conditions – day in, day out – you see these ladies at it x. They can’t take a single day off or else….

Many years ago I saw something which is something horrible yet prevalent to this day and age in India – young labor working as household help.

I still remember the Master and Mistress of the house yelling at that young girl, nary but six – about how “weather didn’t mean she wouldn’t work”.

And she had to .

If she didn’t she wouldn’t eat as my SO said.

Horrible considering the couple had a daughter that age – I don’t see how people can sleep easy or at all enslaving kids. It’s just horrible.


These lovely maids, I’ve written tomes to them so often and they do so deserve it for obvious reasons.

And, that’s that X.



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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