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Turd party?

Its one of those fetishes many a “party” has. Hehe. Not talked about as usual, and its one I’ve personally not ever “been into” fully as it straddles the boundaries between medically safe and not – as opposed to golden showers which are mostly safe.


Was writing about a third party on a non fetish related issue. And auto complete ended up spelling it “turd” party. As always, there was a reason!

Recently when domming my new Indian slut (no longer with me – basically a cheapass I’d rather not have around me) he claimed to have to starve to afford sending even the most basic of tributes.

Of course, he was the most devoted slave according to his own account.

But he won’t spend money. Was like pulling teeth but his lust finally got the better of him but ugh – if you can’t spend the most basic of money in terms of tributes, please don’t waste her time. Cardinal sin!

Same thing for folks that keep finding ways to sign back up for our list after being blocked. These people want the free updates, but will never invest in products etc. And that isn’t the sort this dame wants either. Hehe.

Talk is cheap.

Money buys whiskey – and her time. Like in China. No money no honey..

Anyway, I told the guy this when he whined about “I might faint from no food for two days”(really, how weak have modern day men become?? This guy sent me his picture – fat and obese, tiny prick – ewwwwe!) …

“tu meri poti kha le”

You can eat my shit, boy!

(While I feast. Hee).

The very words probably caused him to cum. It is an old horrific practice of humiliation in India, the zamindars (rich land owners) literally forcing the poor who pissed them off – no pun – or were not servile enough – to eat their shit – a pile of it – on a plate.

I wonder who brought it out and put it there. Ugh.

Ancient Indian royalty and Chinese too were literally too good to wipe their own asses…

So, its a huge turn hearing those words.

Especially in his own language!

I wrote about that on the other site, dominating or submission while using your own language – especially in Asia nations – adds a whole new sexy dynamic to it all.


Turd party?

No, I do not recommend literally doing what I told him for health reasons!

But turds have been an integral part of femdom and ass worship and such. Along with the lowest parts of Madams body – her soles, asshole – what comes out of them and on them – a natural add on!

And from Mistress Dana – to Pooja Memsahib..ji! – to Sophia and more, I’ve truly seen it all.

Something extremely erotic about the thought, more so the act as described in my Indian femdom books so well!

Do it.

You’ll see – and FEEL it. Takes worshipping her – or him – or both – to a whole different level of humiliation and debasery and debauchery!

Speaking of debauchery I wonder where Master Wang with his lovely long dong and equally sexy turds coming out of his pert asshole is. I haven’t seen that beauty of a dick in a while!

His Twitter name was debauchery something…


Do it.

Just make sure to keep it SSC on this one. Very easy to go overboard and you don’t want to do that with scat.

No matter how well formed, how sexy it looks FLOATING in there…

And that’s that!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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