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Why I so LOVE Carol Ma’am “jootis” …

I’ve been thinking Carol for a while – and pink slippers – and the lovely redoubtable Miss Summer, and her pink slippers – and Madam Christina (again with pink slippers) …

WOMEN – most – have pink slippers, boy!

And so do sissies, except the difference is the latter keeps them CLEAN – both theirs, and hers (his).


Those pink slippers are such a turn on!

I’ve often spoken about how I want to buy Miss Summer’s OLD pink slippers – slippers this 45 plus year old lady has LONG discarded, Madam wears more multi colored slippers (blue and other bright colors) … her daughter wears the old ones – sometimes!

There they sit, discarded, but they catch my eye every time I come home!

And I so want to wipe the DUST off them!

Madam is SO NICE!

Anyway, pink slippers are one thing.


Y’all may or may not know what they are – they’re “ethnic shoes” – basically made of jute, or cloth, or a mixture thereof.

Bright, vibrant colors…

Google it, you’ll know!

And theyre FLAT!

And worn along with TIGHT fitting “salwars” – that long dress women wear which shows you nothing above the ankle – or as Carol – or Princess Joanie did – with LONG FLOWING SKIRTS (Sophia Ma’am loves skirts too, the long ones, no showing legs to “boy” – “not a chance, BOY!” as she says) … so SEXY!

Such a turn on!

I remember meeting Carol after a while in her car after a workout – or outside.

And she stepped out, invited me to sit in her car to talk, my mind – and eyes though?


She knew this, of course.

And never fails to giggle about it even today.

So cute, hehe.

I was looking at her Chinese “jootis” … 

And I dont know, so sexy!

The foot underneath, FLAT – grime sticking to the sole – so SEXY!

And the smell, Carol Ma’am was one whose feet smelt of leather even after a shower!

STRONG leather, I still remember …

And those lovely soles were SO lovely, SO SEXY …

Anyway, I dont know – I find jootis to be very sexy – what about you?

Write back, let me know.

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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