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Kissing their backs, cm by cm – each loving SMOOCH!

Out with the old, in the new. That’s all been a key concept for me in terms of achievement in life – and any sphere of life, femdom included for that matter.

Could be as simple as sweeping the room even if it doesn’t really need to be swept, or cutting your toenails (if Krystal is there – maybe being made to crunch them too but that’s a different tale!)

This morning I woke up thinking of three lovely ladies, in no particular order.

The first – perfect Madam Kam. I wrote about this Queen on the other site. Kissing her lovely muscular back as she does lat pull downs, massaging those smooth strong muscular without the bodybuilding look – arms – my! She has such a pretty beautiful muscular thick manly back – more than most men – and backs, feet, asses, waist – even the sole of her shoes as she grunts, works out – sweats like a real man – the manly vibe making her all the more feminine, my!

Truly, strong women are in a class of their own !

Then, perfect Madam Aanchal. She has more of a bodybuilder look but even when razor thin – the vibe – my!!

I’m not a huge fan of pumping, preening and oiling. Madam does all those things though. And I love it!

Praising her muscles is something I must do – and DO – daily. Whether or if not this Goddess acknowledges me or not – doesn’t matter. She deserves the praise, the simping. What lovely muscles she has.

And then of course the reigning Queen of them all, the FBI as my SO terms her.

Perfect Madam Bhagwati Devi …ji!

Slim slender back, yet strong and broad, almost the female version of that guys back way back in the day my turn girlfriend told me about. “Honey, look at the muscles on that dude!”.

That lovely forearm I could kiss all day , those fingers that flick and work such divine MAGIC on me – that upraised coal black forefinger in that PROFOUND pose. My!

Every time I think about any of these Queens I shiver with forever unsated lust. Somehow, I know they can feel it and that’s how it SHOULD, MUST be – in both regards – if you’re doing it RIGHT. Most don’t. No, it ain’t about a quick jerk. If that’s you reading please click AWAY now. We are not a good fit for you.

Backs, asses, even hamstrings and thighs, so nice, not even gender specific. And what’s between their legs makes it all the more attractive.

And that’s that.

Back soon.

I’m so lucky x.


Mike Watson

PS – Femdom wise, never toss the old out. Worship it as it deserves to be! And you’ll get MORE new without even trying.

Paye lagu, Ma’am.

You’re so so too … NICE!!! Out of control. My!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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