Indian Femdom

Do (Indian, in particular, hehe) ladies need an excuse to show their feet? And scraping the POO off their shoes – and more!

PS – “Smooth like butter, it goes down the GUTTER”.

Prosaic, considering the PS for this was written before the actual email, but true considering the contents of it! Hehe.

My course Sissygasm Central will make sure that hot STICKY cum – that feels SO GOOD – flows down like BUTTER, literally! The best sticky ever… Just make sure it doesnt stick the CHUTE it goes down together permanently, though even that feels good for sissies…

Anyway –

Do Indian ladies need an excuse to show their lovely FEET ? Actually thats ladies in general!

(I have not even written the title of the email as yet, we’re doing things backwards, no pun intended! Heh for a god – goddess – GOOD reason!).

I dont think so. And thats great!

A long, long time ago, I wrote about when in India, listening to a channel “radio mirchi” which was manned by a guy and girl – or should I say womanned, as the girl was far bubblier and the voice, so nice ! – which they’d play songs on, if you remember – and make wisecracks about just about anything.

Now, winter is especially severe in the subcontinent with no indoor heating etc for the most part, even in the coldest areas of the country.

And so, your FEET freeze sitting in those ice cold blocks – even with shoes.

Ladies, of course, find any excuses not to wear socks, and so the girl on the show was “taunting” some of the other ladies that were complaining about the cold, and i’ve written about this before…

“Fashion ke vajah se moje nahi pehne to kya meri galti hai?”

Not my fault you didnt wear socks for the sake of fashion, bitch, was the drift!

Remember, girls can use the term! 😉

But as summer slowly starts to arrive in this part of the world, all I see around me?

Feet – slippers – soles – and more feet!

Bare feet everywhere – mostly female!

And this applies to china too, but for some reason more the subcontinent, maybe those lovely big feet, broad feet – LONG feet, as the maid coming down right NOW has … long toes, the RED color on the nails SO prominent always as I wrote about yesterday – MY!

What a mecca for foot lovers, fetishists, and submissives in general!

It reminded me of what happened, and HAS HAPPENED damn near every time I buy a new pair of sports shoes in India.

Inevitably, without meaning to?

I Step in some form of poo, which is ubiquitous it seems on Indian roads!

The dirt and grime in India – ugh. One of the many negative thing about the place, real sad part, its considered “normal” so no-0ne really cares, those that have been out of the country know tho!

Ma’am – I can hear your voice!  the maid…

Anyway, ladies have this issue too.

Some of them, like Ms Priyanka – would INTENTIONALLY step on dog poo – along with chewing gum and other stuff – and make me clean it off her soles.

While she’d laugh.


The smell was NASUEATING!

But from a femdom perspective, think about it, scraping poo, especially well stuck turds off soles?

Not a task that is easy without ruining the sole of the shoes by scraping it as I once did…a

Only way to do it, manually, tediously, by hand, sniffing the noxious mixture .. real femdom!

Making her life EASY is what it’s about -as I keep mentioning in the book on affirmations (books). 

Any other way – NOT real femdom!

Anyway – welcome in the spring in many parts of the world my friend by partaking of some of our world famous books – readers have reported cumming just reading.

And I dont blame ’em!

STOP postponing that purchase, you know and I know you WANT IT.

Give in – enjoy – and let the Universe take care of the rest!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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