Indian Femdom

Should slaves be leashed, COLLARED – and NAKED?

It all depends!

Variety is the spice of life, my friend, and sexual relations too as I keep saying on Spicy and Erotic Fetish. It’s the tag line there!

I don’t have any hard and fast – no pun – rules – except this. And most don’t understand the true meaning of the words even when explained to them.

That being, when you’re my slave, you’re in it all the way – or not at all. You’re an IT that obeys unquestioningly, unflinchingly. You hand over ALL power – financial, emotional, mental to me – and trust in me as your Lord, God and only Master. This goes for both males and females.

THAT is what makes my dominance different. And hits right down to your CORE. In a manner few others, or any at all – can even come close to.

I get it in your subconscious mind and reside there, as slaves have told me so many times, both male and female.

The rest, well, all accessories!

I’m huge on male slaves being buttplugged and females topless but not necessarily naked, although sometimes they’re kneeling by me with tray in hand, collar on neck, completely naked, looking at me with those innocent eyes.

With the lovely Bhagwati, having the top of her sari and blouse gone, the rest in place bl- so erotic!

Those huge breasts, my.

Black nipples…

With fat males, I often have them squeeze into bikini cut undies which are impossible for their lard asses to get into in the first place and then amuse myself looking at their fat selves waddling around, man boobs jiggling. Sometimes I’ll pinch the nipples with my sexy fingers and squeeze the boobs. Mooo!


Back to naked, collared etc?

Not a requirement for me either way. Slaves exist for Masters pleasure. So clothes or not, ultimately it’s the VIBE as always that matters to me.

The rest are all accessories, which is what a lot of folks don’t get.

See if YOU do!

And that’s that.


Mike Watson

PS – Brutal, degrading tales of femdom here.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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