Indian Femdom

Madams sitting in autorickshaws are so regal!

The rickshaw is one of those ancient modes of transport that is still well and thriving in India. Brutal, literally for those “driving” as they pedal or pull passengers sitting comfortably at the back all day.

Mostly women use it.

And every time I see an Indian woman in a rickshaw, it just looks so regal, as an older lady was today!

Reminds of a scene in a Bollywood movie I once saw where a landlord got off a chariot sort of thing – but before even his shod foot could touch the ground?

It landed in the palm of a waiting slave, then the ground. Truly regal!

Reminds me of many other such brutal scenes I’ve seen in the country – in real life as well.

India, truly a mecca and Medina for domination of all sorts!

And submission.

I can just imagine Madam collapsing down on the chair and me rushing to press her feet, take those hot sweaty sandals off, simp to her before being kicked away once she’s had enough . My!

And that’s that ..


Mike Watson

PS – Indian femdom tales here. Real!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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