Perfect Pooja Memsahib, and her EVEN MORE perfect “third eye” opening …

Perfect Pooja Memsahib, and her EVEN MORE perfect “third…

If you read the last post on this on the other site, you KNOW what I BE Talking about.

And you’ll click away, or you’ll DIVE in (literally, hehe) with GREAT RELISH – as I do for Perfect Pooja Memsahib!

Anyway, it’s funny.

We all know what the third eye is, but precious few use it.

All can, but few do, and that third eye “opening” is what happened to me a few days ago (after years of working upon it!) and connect you to the Infinite, Infinite Intelligence and such. 

Things just WORK once that happens.

Even before, but once that happens, even more so on auto pilot!

In all ways.

Anyway, I’m referring to a different third eye for Pooja Memsahib.

I’m referring to madams HOLY SPOT.

NOT her G Spot, or pussy.

Usually dripping …

But her ASS cheeks, and the holy SANCTUM there in!

There is a reason I mentioned how I meditate to Pooja daily, even now !

And her asshole is a big big reason and part of this.

That third eye WINKING at me as the shit prepares to escape. Big HOLY BROWN well formed turds!

Much like Mistress Dana all those years ago

MADAM – if only!

But we wrote a lot about that, didnt we!

Yes, I did.

Down to that large WELL FORMED turds floating in the toilet … 

And Ms. Priyanka had trouble going.

But … other than the splatter I cleaned up, she didnt actually make me “watch it coming out”.

Though I did lick her ass every morning to “stimulate” her!

And thats something you SISSIES need to know too i.e. stimulating that area the way I tell you in Sissygasm Central, the ONLY course of it’s kind should only be done AFTER you go, unless you want a NASTY surprise, hehe.

And there are plenty more tips in this must grab manual too, but this is about aass.

Pooja’s ass, and all the other ladies I’ve been fortunate enough to worship.

The smell is different each time.

The eye WINKS at me differently each time it opens – even when I’m worshipping it!

It LOOKS and TALKS differently every time!

So does her INdian lover’s DICK which I’ll write about later. A lovely dong he’s got too, and his balls smell unique.

Ah, sissy paradise indeed!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember the Pooja Memsahib series is EXTREME – NOT for all, but if you can “stomach’ it – here is where you PICK IT UP!!

Chal! Poti saf kar! 

I still remember. Oh MY!!!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!