Indian Femdom

The three Indian maids in the park, who are nothing short of Goddesses incarnate.

All around me, while working out – women today!

A gaggle of older Bengali ladies – so many MEMORIES THERE!  (Bengal ladies like Chinese ladies and ladies from the North East – all physcially close to each other along with South Indian ladies, some of the most dominating ever, trust me on this, and BRATTY To BOOT!)

And the three maids, they sit there often, today, one had one foot scrunched underneath her – so nice! The TOES were speaking, so was the sole, I kept sending submissive musings her way.

Paye Lagu, MAlkin, I so wish I could have pressed your feet THERE!

In the sun, as I missed Maji, and her husband – with those lovely nipples and tits he has, I so want to suck and give him PLEASURE! I KNOW he’d erupt … in ECTSASY, I feel so female and want his thick Hosepipe COCK – DONG!


Anyway – the smell of his cock is already in my nostrils, I can feel them clucking away at me and making taunting kiss noises – you know what I mean, right?

Like someone beckoning a dog, or someone teasingly yet demeaningly blowing a kiss at you like they were throwing bones to a dog – like the ladies out there the park often do.

Yes, Jerome and Su did it all the time with that lovely cock of his!

Second maid had her SHINS showing.


She was wearing stockings.

And this pattern repeated itself across the park, almost in a trance, going home, female gardeners all around me, me staring at their dust caked feet, one (the head Madam) with socks on that I wanted to take off, the anklet too …

Those feet, so dusty!

So worship worthy

All those women were – are, and thats all I saw!

If you want the world to be femdom wonder filled all around like this?

Well, pick up A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland now, and start attracting femdom to you NOW.

If after reading all this it STILL doesn’t inspire you to follow suit, you’re not into femdom, period, and you shouldn’t be on the list, neither would I want you on it. It’s nothing personal, its just the way it is my friend. Too many excuse makers and procastinators have joined as of late, I’d rather have DOERS.

Speaking of which, remember too, to pick up the books on femdom affirmations along with the above.

I’m in femdom heaven – already. Not that I wasn’t born with it.

Paye Lagu, Malkin … JI!

You’re SO NICE!

And you make it SO WORTH IT!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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