Indian Femdom

Goddess like perfect Indian Beggarwoman part two.

Downtrodden my foot! Hehe. No pun.

One of the cure habits these Indian maids, laborers in saris etc have – hiking it up to ankle, mid calf – while walking.

I’ve no idea why or if they know the sheer passion it arouses in their many devoted footboys.

I feel they FEEL it though! Hehe.

Bhagwati Devis calves, ankles and coal black wrist was amongst the things that drew me to her first.

And when she sat down comfortably in a squat that looks next to impossible to get into let alone sit and work in for hours (I teach you this in Sissy workouts – it’s part of the reason this dominant halwa munching maid “feels so hungry” according to her as well (and she’s right – one of the best poses to aud digestion and elimination – my – hehe – wiping her ass, those perfect turds emerging from the coal black asshole, feet splayed out on the pot – my! Actually Bhagwati sometimes uses the squatter toilets meaning my hands get that much closer to her waste. My again !!) ) – it always drive me insane. Powerful toes splayed out, feet strong, yet feminine. My.

As I saw the lovely Beggarwoman stomping past me, sari hiked up to ankle, two young girls with long black hair showing off – I almost got hit by traffic so mesmerized was I?

And back from what’s mentioned here – another woman sitting on the pavement, legs stretched out like HER – feet not as dirty – or maybe her skin is so dark I couldn’t see it – for all intents and purposes you’d think she was best down, downtrodden.

Except for the TOES.

Defiantly painted shades of blue/purple. Almost a pedicure!

I remember thinking if “this is what downtrodden”means.

Maybe to Goddesses. Hehe. They’re at a different level from us humans!

Small soles…kinda like Bhagwatis . My.

I wonder if there’s more than a shared of truth in some of these beggars actually having a lot of money.

Either way, they left my weak as usual, wanting to press their feet.

Life’s good!

And I’ll end this with another Paye lagu, Memsahib…ji!

You’re so nice!



PS – Sissy workouts will have you cumming as you do the poses because of the physical nature of the stretches – but more than that YOU the footboy will have the tables turned.

And you’ll be thinking about these dominant women as you GROVEL in humiliating positions at their feet – literally.

Place your pre orders now.

And that’s that.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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