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Why I always kiss my wife’s soles before any important business decision – or any!

This morning, I posted the following on Twitter

#workout, #GUT feeling – and kissing my SO’s soles, and asking THEM (not her) – what they think. My process to make important #businessdecisions. YES! I’m about to make one now (I’ve made it, but about to implement it!) Paye lagu, Madam JI!

Of course, being the ultra verbose cuck I am, then this –

The great Napoleon Hill mentioned that many “achievers” reach business decisions of great importance “during climax” if you get my drift! (think and grow Rich is a classic bar NONE) #thinkandgrowrich … So for cucks and #footboys like me? Well!

And this … (in the middle, I posted about lovely big black cocks, and sucking them like the sissy I am, never real man sex for ME! No climaxes!)

When you’re looking at a picture of a lovely COCK, #cucks – and #sissies – and a lovely (equally!) girl next to it – what turns you on more? The cock, or the girl? BE honest – brutally so!

Ah, but we went THERE on the other site this morning didnt we, hehe.

But it’s so true!

I was working out, and I was thinking about an important business decision on one of my other businesses.

A guy wanted an introduction to one of my lists.

Initially I vacillated. Something didnt feel right.

But I’ve always been a huge believer in the Henry Ford philosophy of making decisions quickly, and changing them slowly, if at all.

This approach has reaped great dividends for me in life, relationships and business. Your gut, if you let it and listen to it makes split second decisions that years of reasoning could NEVER EVER get to!

IT may seem illogical.

But your gut is always right, as is the vibe. Femdom wise, same thing!

And, on cue, as I’m done with that …

Or, well, before I sent the emailf or that, I looked at my SO’s soles.

Just lying there, no legs.

But I silently kissed the bottom.

I spoke to them, like Madam Susan told me!

And they stared me in the fact inscrutable (not as ever – for this time).

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji!

And now, I’m dealing with another business issue as I write this. A lovely Ananya Madam messaged me!

Remember the app I told you about the other day where the girl wanted a foot massage and it was “never enough” … ??

Well, she’s from that app.

And I won’t reveal more on that for now!

Just, this.

Women are so gorgeous!

And it’s only in serving we discover, and uncover, and uncork our TRUE potential.

Give yourself up – submit – and you’ll see!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib, you’re so, so nice and so, so perfect!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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