Indian Femdom

Chal moti! Kam kar!

I just got a KICK from my SO, a giggly one at that.

With that foot outstretced!

For those that have asked, no, The perfect Goddess in the pop up on the page is NOT my SO.

But my SO is equally gorgeous.

You know … women all are!! They’re all so nice, sexy, gorgeous and … dominant!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

And the pop will REMAIN, hehe. No matter what, bro!

Yes, I know you dont want to sign up, but you SHOULD. Hehe.

And anyway, as I was pressing her legs, she kicked me away.

“Chal moti! Ja Jakar Kam kar!”

which roughly translates into “Out, fattie! Go and do your WORK!”

Difference here, of course is the language.

“Mota” would mean she’s talking to a guy, no matter how sissified.

“Moti” is used for females.

Now, Miss V knows for one I’m NOT fat. So does My SO, hehe.

I have a fitness biz to run, and keep myself in top shape, and it keeps topping Miss Vs account up too, hehe.

And she deserves it – along with Sophia, the best neighbor ever (was it any surprise that Miss V was the next in line, after Sophia, hehe).

Those shoes. That shoe rack. I’ll never forget it.

I think I’ll try and find a picture sometime. I know I took it!

Anyway, point begets, and it is this.

Being called a female name. Being referred to as a girl – quite literally – takes sissy dom to a whole new level altogether!

And why do I write about this on this site?

Because Ms. Priyanka understood it the best!

Towards the end of the sequels to Serving an Indian Goddess – somethign happens that has NOT happened in any of my books.

Not, not even the Princess Krystal series!

Wanna find out what it is?

Well, pick up the books NOW …

And in the meantime.

Yes. I’m happy to be a Girl. I love it so much!


Mike Watson

PS – Paye Lagu, Madam ji! Kanta bai apki naukrani HAI!

PS #2 – I can still hear her . “tere ko ladki bana diya!” 

Tee hee! (it translates to “I made you a girl!”) 

So you did perfect Madam

So you … DID! I always WAS … 

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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