Indian Femdom

Pee Cee’s lovely legs, and more …

I dont know why.

But often times, on my phone (and those damn thing can THINK for themselves, it seems!) … I see news regarding Bollywood “Shollywood” which yours truly does not follow.

At least, not that he knows of.

Not that he’s ever really thought of.

But, Priyanka Chopra.


And of course, both were equally as gorgeous.

Was there a reason I named a “Ms. Priyanka” as the heroine of my VERY FIRST BOOK (on femdom that is)?

One thinks NO, hehe.

Was there a reason that I created the site.

One thinks NO, hehe.

And if you think I really mean no, you’re not getting it.

Of course there is!


… BOY!

And as I see a picture of “Pee Cee” and some “new look”or something?

First thing that stands out is her STRONG LEGS!

Not necessarily pretty or beautiful.

But as Madam Sophia once told me.

“I’ve got strong feet! Not beautiful! Not elegant! Big feet!”

And she didnt know of course, or maybe she did, that what she was saying, the way she said it, that first conversation all those months ago, and the sheer VIBE, and look in her eyes, her RUDE behavior to me on auto pilot while she was polite to everyone else, calling me a cuck, idiot, mornon and everything …

… was so right!

Such a turn on!!

And, as I see this actress’s legs, same thing.

KICKS is what comes to mind from those brown legs, my friend.

The pictures are NOT pretty.

But they are SO GORGEOUS!

And on that note, I remember plenty of kicks from two ladies – one in the past. Ms. Priyanka!

The one I remember the most?

Her kicking me away irritably while I “pressed her feet”.

Out, boy!

Or, soetimes the imperious FOREFINGER WAGGING – what a look that was!

And the other?

One in the present, hehe.

Pooja Memsahib … JI!

Older, but equally so dominant.

And on that note, yours truly is … OUT! 😉

pun intended.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up MORE tales of Indian femdom.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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