Indian Femdom

My SO, perfect Pooja Memsahib, Gorilla DICKS, and more!

So, Pooja Madam Ji is so perfect!

Indeed perfection PERSONIFIED!

Thats a nice name, by the way.

Lots of alliteration as well, which I hear some people LOVE.

But anyway, I don’t mean Gorilla as in the monkey (or animal).

But, it’s funny.

You on this list have likely heard of Madam Tracy, no?

For some reason, she’s not having an overly good week, or month, or perhaps more.

And I feel sorry for her.

She’s such a gorgeous lass …

But anyway, she posted pictures of liqor repeatedly on WeChat and then “don’t get drunk as a monkey”!

(along with some book with “monkey” in the title).

Not a book on grip, in case you were wondering. LOL.

Some other book, I cannot be arsed to look now!

But, my SO once told me the following angrily, and I’ve said that plenty of times.

“You’re useless in bed! You just like sucking man’s penis!”

That yours truly DOES .

(she should have said licking balls and ass too, hehe. Hers and his!) 

I love those cocks, and especially the darker skinned ones.

All cocks, but GORILLA black cocks especially … like Jerome’s!

He stood there like a STUD incarnate

The world looks different from down there, boy!

The view is indeed better from down there, boy!

And as I stare up at his balls, I love them so much!

And Pooja too.

Such a Goddess, and his God like cock!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib …JI!


Mike Watson

PS – I put out a course on Cock Worship, but none as yet for those BALLS. Let me know if I should, I will!

PS #2 – Jerome, those hot blasts! Thank you, SIR! I love pleasuring you like the sissy I am, and was meant to be!

Not to mention licking your beautiful sexy puckered and PUNGENT real man asshole, and prying it open with MY tongue.

Garim aMadam … JI!


Paye Lagu, Madam ..G!!!!!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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