Princess Manisha came to me in my dreams!

Princess Manisha came to me in my dreams!

Had another one of those lovely dreams the other night, so lovely that my fingers are shaking writing about it!

But this dream was about an Indian lady – “Manisha”.

Now, growing up yours truly has made no secret of the femdom in and around the school I grew up attending (well, for the most part, and when I wasn’t cutting class, hehe).

Anyway, Lovely Madam Vandana. Perfect Madam… well, my Civics teacher!

And of course the HeadMistress (the current one) of the school who once made the following comment (really!) to a friend of mine!

I’ll crush you like a cockroach under my feet, boy!

Now, I didnt hear her say that.

But knowing her, and the way she slapped us around, she might well have!

And he -w ell – maybe he had a crush fetish. Hehe.

Anyway, my dream featured a lovely lass “Manisha”, and the actress “Manisha Koirala” comes to mind, if just for the femdom scenes in “Anmol” (beyond that I know nothing at all about this lady).

But it was so sexy.

Long legs, long STOCKING clad legs, and the legs were uber slim, not sure why.

She was in my lap.

And all the while she was crooning MONEY to me.

Money, boy!

As Madam Pearl did so expertly!

As Princess Joanie did so expertly!

Those eyes do indeed tell a story. In the dream I was pressing her feet. I was taking her to a mall.

But for some reason, when Madam got back home an older lady showed up.

And she didnt want me telling her about her shopping trip, etc.


Well, only the dream knows!

I haven’t deciphered that one as yet. Before that, a guy with a lengthy “bill” or invoice was showing up, but I hadn’t even bought the items he was referring to.

Whats your problem he asked angrily when I told him “I didnt buy these! All I bought was BEER!” 


Maybe a paradoxical way of the subconscious telling me what is happening in REAL life right now, right down tot he lovely blue car in the dark basement yours truly was trying to escape from, and BAM! There he popped up outside the window.

Not the most pleasant of dreams.

But perfect Madam Manisha showed up later.

And thats what counts!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib. You’re the BEST!

(and you can rape my wallet anytime, hehe, which is what really counts!)


Mike Watson

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