Indian Femdom

Think of it, footboy! So many pairs of FEET TO WORSHIP, so many assholes to SERVE!

This is one of the most (or sexiest) things a submissive can hear – a male one, that is.

Unless you’re into dicks, and so many of them which a true male submissive should be – and hey, we have chicks with dicks – the MORE the merrier is indeed a philosophy of life I’ve always taken to heart!

But anyway, perfect Ms. Priyanka often invited friends over for soirrees, orgies and more – and she started me early on this journey too!

Think of it, footboy, she told me laughingly with that SMACK to the BACK of the head!

So many pairs of feet to worship!

So many boots to polish!

So many assholes to clean!

So many ORDERS to follow!

And while those my friend happened “later on in the journey”, I think you guys have read about Madam Mansi and lovely Pooja – the OLDER lady in the FIRST book of the Indian Goddess series!

And rightfully so, and if what I said above seems erotic – and it is?

Well, you’ll want to grab the BOOK for how much they DID make me serve them in such a deliciously and spicy erotic manner, and it only gets better, and better, and BETTER!

You’ll truly ORGASM while reading this.

Paye LAgu, Jyoti Madam ji!

And on that note.



My first crush at the age of 19!

In college!

Those lovely legs, those pink flip flops, and as she laid there in bed …

“Oh, Mike! I’ve been dancing with men all night!” 

And I’d press her legs, and feet!

“Madam let me press your legs, they must be hurting!” 

And though I could never do this to Jyoti in real life, I’d loved to have – but I’ve put that passion into Ms Priyanka!

But Jyoti was a Goddess. Still is.

Those feet!

Paye lagu … perfect Memsahib …JI!


Mike Watson

PS – Another dominant INDIAN force of Nature is Pooja Memsahib, who I just heard yelling outside. OH MY!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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