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The lovely SOLE as Rachna Ma’am is in a blanket, sick (maybe) …

It is so nice!

And this morning – or afternoon, as Ma’am, as is her wont, hehe – was sleeping until 12:30 PM …I had to timidly wake her for something she asked me to do.

I did it timidly anyway. I’m so scared of Madam yelling at me anyway even when I dont deserve it – or do, hehe. xxxx 😘

She is TRULY one of the bitchiest women I’ve ever met – wasn’t always this way though, but if you as a TRUE submissive male follow the tips laid out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” – you’ll see that even the most submissive of women become bitchy as hell – as you would like – the “woman of your dreams” – if you do it RIGHT!

No exceptions there, YES, as you can tell, the book cuts across cultures, linguistic divides etc.

Anyway, as I see so many Chinese women around me in a place I really shouldn’t be – I’m thinking MANIFESTATION – on auto pilot. Hehe. It works the same way for femdom, and anything you truly want, desire, you’ll attract it to yourself without trying if the subconscious mind is on the right track, for most subs it is NOT.

Anyway, her sole … is all I saw!

I’m supposed to be sitting here doing up affiliate links, but I had to write about this first!

In a blanket, one fat ankle extending out, and the sole, dirty, uncared for, and the smells that come naturally when you have a stomach upset, and Madam often – usually – does!

I dare NOT tell Madam to exercise. Hehe.

As Sophia once told me, “I DARE not!”

Hehe. Neither do I!

Anyway, I so wanted to drop down and kiss it, massage it…

I’ve written before about why worshipping her on her period is so nice! (on the other site – do a search, you will find it). For a change, I wont link anything in this email except the link at the end, she deserves it!

Same thing for when she is sick.

Or anytime, really!

That sole, all I wanted to do was drop down and worship, as I sit here in a darkened room right NOW, thats ALL I can think of, that sole, those granny pajamas she wears that are SO SEXY, only the foot shows!

And thats that.

Pick up the odes to this truly gorgeously dominant force of nature NOW – right HERE – 25 Odes to Rachna Ma’am.

So richly deserved, Ma’am, Paye lagu. You’re so NICE!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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