Why I wouldn’t introduce you idiot MALES to dominant women even for a million dollars!

Why I wouldn’t introduce you idiot MALES to dominant…

Because, it well, is NOT about money at the end of the day for us ladies.

That might sound strange given yours truly is the first one to tell YOU that money is important for us!

The most important thing, boy, as Madam Venus told ME! 

But – oddly enough – if given the choice between sucking your dick and DOMINATING you like you really want to be – if we’re dead broke, and think you’re a complete Bozo that messages women out of the blue “asking to be their servant” or tries to “force their SO into femdom though they dont want to be” – we will take the former.

Guess what.

You’ll nut in less than a minute, so pathetic are you (yes, that applies to MOST of you on this list, hehe).

Not all, but most.

And femdom is SPIRITUAL.

There is no way a real woman would want do that to a male (not as he’d want, at least).

Pay to play, my darling, doesn’t work in terms of femdom.

Some of you might be think “go to a Domina”.


For a while, that will work.

But she will charge you too!

And she WILL have her limits, and she WILL smash you in the BOLLOCKS – HARDER than you want – if you dont obey!

And lets face it, we all want femdom PERMANENTLY, even at home.

Mike Watson “Mai” the Indian maid servant (or maid servant for Madam Suvi) wouldn’t introduce you to MAdam Suvi for a bazillion dollars.

Or any of the girls I’ve served, and still do.

I wouldn’t let you near Madam Sophie’s SHIT for a trillion.

Because … well, we covered that.

But for those willing to learn how to achieve those results on your own, which at the end of the day leads to true femdom and the ONLY satisfactory femdom there is, well, I’ll teach YOU for a veritable pittance

The rest of you get the BOOT.

Literally, figuratively, but NOT sexually. Hehe.

Learn from one that is truly a Mistress of the Game, my friend. It’s the only way!


Mai “Mike” Watson

PS – An idiot messaged me to “show my legs” on Instagram back when I still used it. Of course, I’ve written about this type of nutjob before, but the point is this – why WOULD i want to introduce my “legs” to you? Pay to play, boy! Isnt that what you say? Hehe . . .

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!