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Harleen Ma’am, paye lagu … Memsahib..ji!

Harleen K …. Well, I won’t post the whole name here or her IG ID etc. Maybe I should. madam wants it!

Over the past few days, I’ve been constantly seeing this leggy (not so best technically, perhaps a 5?) lady with like 600000 followers posting away.

All she does is take normal pictures of herself. Like I do. Hehe. Effortless.

And this one picture of her without makeup, standing on the beach, one foot UP – didn’t get many comments at all despite her huge fan base.

It made my blood ROAR. Look at the Humiliation Central cover, you’ll know what I mean!

Joanie was probably a 7… But my! That spell she wove over me, could have been a 100!!

Maam, per dho du (can I wash your feet ma’am)?

Harleen Madam Ji (slap! She’s so dominant!) , khana laga du (should I put dinner on the table?).

Go make me a SANDWICH, boy! Press my legs!

And so forth.

My, what a Queen. I’m simping to her on a completely non related business publicly and I could care less. Hehe. Neither does she. 60k followers and she’s replying to me. Hehehe….


Vibe over all as always.

And that’s that

Paye lagu, Madam …ji!

You’re SO nice x



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Mike Watson

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