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Madams feet, even her sandals – are literally too good to touch the ground.

I knew there was a reason I saw the middle aged lady in a rickshaw today, very tired feet as she relaxed in the back of it – i remember thinking, those feet truly need a massage.

I was going to write about them. For some reason, I didn’t. Couldn’t think of anything I have not already said, but now, after a relaxing 2 min repose in a dark room, it struck me!

A long time ago I saw a Bollywood movie Koyla.

With servants in India still underfoot and very much the norm unfortunately – Bollywood is a great source of all femdom occasionallt, even male dom.

That movie was pretty brutal in terms of treatment handed out to the servant, rather a serf, slave. So I won’t get into that here…

…but as the Master of the house descends from a horse drawn carriage, I remember the servant cupping his hands so even his shod feet don’t touch the ground, instead he uses the servants hand as step though there’s no need or purpose for it.


He’s a “zamindar” in the movie.

And thinking of Madam, that’s what is like to do for her!

Truly, even her sandals are better than me.

Paye lagu, Malkin.

You’re so nice!



PS – Indian femdom novels here. Like I say – reality mixed in with a dab if even that of creative license – not and never the other way around! Keeping it real is really what works, hits HOME… 😘. Muah.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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