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Why Bhagwati Devi remains my #1 bitch, and always WILL.

At least for the presumable future.

I spoke today about taking RESPONSIBILITY for your actions, thoughts etc. Most fail miserably here. Bhagwati, who an SO once called the “FBI” – rightly so in many ways – does.

I’ll never forget hiring another maid to do the dishes, and after she left, Bhagwati showed up, and was apoplectic that she didn’t clean the counters etc as she was supposed to (and as she herself does without asking, extra pay etc).

She is truly the head real woman in the stable. The Emperor doesn’t always deal directly with rank underlings.

She does in many cases, a welcome degree of seperation.

Loyal to a fault, fealty personified is Bhagwati. She’s in my bed – yet every time we talk, Im on the recliner and she squats obesquiously on the floor like a servant should. So attractive it is, X!

Idiots talking about “younger women are the best” are grade A fools who know nothing – the sheer RUSH of having a woman probably 15 years your senior submit to you willingly, happily, lovingly and fully – is bar none. Just ask the lovely Paula who does so much great work for us every week!

She manages the rest of the stable expertly with an iron hand, the best and most submissive butler I’ve ever had.

In the short span of time I have known her, she has willingly and happily which is key done every single thing I’ve told her. Never a murmur or complaint. Not once.

I wake her up in the middle of the night to press my feet, bring me water. She does it. Early morning BJ without asking. Training the other girls in bed when we have them – and at home.

And so forth.

Truly an indispensable resource, one all of YOU sissies and the rest aiming to join the stable should aim at becoming.

Again, way too many fail…

And that’s that.

Pick up the odes to Bhagwati here.


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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