Question of the day, posted by a lovely Chinese lass!

Question of the day, posted by a lovely Chinese…

And she is … Madam Judy!

I saw the following post from her –

Where’s the strangest place you’ve had to work from because of WFH arrangements?

This is my little work hideout for the day!

Had to leave the house to let my cleaner do her thing. It’s incredible to see how the workforce has transformed, not too long ago there were so many things we thought couldn’t be done remotely, now we’re wheeling, dealing, learning and leading from nooks around the world!


My answer?

I didnt post this publicly.

I said “I wish I could answer honestly”.

But, my real answer?

I suspect she knows it.

“Under a woman’s foot!”

Hehe … but it’s so true, and MAdam knows it.

And, I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Lockdowns wherever you are a great opportunity to introduce femdom to your SO’s, not that it isn’t in her already!

Mike Watson
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