Bozo Schofield in Birmingham wants to be Madam Josie’s toilet

Bozo Schofield in Birmingham wants to be Madam Josie’s…

This man “Schofield”.

I’ve no idea what the dude wants!

He is literally OBESSESED with a friend of mine – a fitness guy who I won’t mention here, but Bozo is literally OBSESSED with him to the point of sending him millions of emails daily wanting to “suck his dick”, “lick his ass”, “kiss his sexy hairy chest”, and all sorts of other cuckold fantasies – when fitness guy is clearly NOT interested in any of it.

And Ive mentioned the guy before – my friend told me “he truly is obsessed with me”.

And other friends have told him that – more than one!

It’s like some of those idiots who just won’t leave a woman alone after she adds you on wechat.

They’ll send her idiotic messages of “Madam, you’re so nice!”

“Madam, can I find a nice boyfriend for you!”

Madam, can I see your feet, Madam, can I …

And so forth.

Madam, can I buy you things?

And that, my friend, is the only one they might be interested in, but it doesnt mean you get to BARRAGE and PESTER her with millions of messages DAILY, boy!

Ditto for my fitness friend.

This Bozo guy is a super troll too, going by some of the reviews he’s left on his superlative fitness books.

But it brings to mind something interesting.

This “Josie” thing … my friend sent me the messages. He was badgering her up and down about being her servant, and when she told him to “F off”, he went in the opposite direction as many of these lunatics do, and responded with the vilest of abuses, and was blocked.

Apparently he’s at it again.

This guy is one of the kind who according to a friend (of my friend’s!) “never pays for anything”.

He is perenially on public assistance too in the United KIngdom…

But anyway, scat is something, my friend, a LOT OF YOU want!

But you don’t get.

Much like attracting a truly dominant lady is NOT any of the idiotic techniques explained above, neither will you get her to pee and crap on you by doing any of the above.

And last, but not least?

If you’re too cheap to learn how, you won’t get it either – and don’t need to be here either.

Let me re-emphasize – all the cheap skates reading this that never buy, please unsubscribe – thank you!

I’m out. Back soon!



PS – Pooja Memsahib was “scat au extraordinnaire” … if I might say so! 😉

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