Indian Femdom

Eyes that BORE into you – quite literally!

It’s all about the eyes, and I’ve never ever shied away from saying that !!!!

The vibe of course, but the EYES is how it communicates – along with th eraised forefinger, THAT look in the eye, that confidence, that ARROGANCE, that DEMANDING demanor … and that … LOOK!

Paye Lagu, Madam Kalpana … JI!

And thats what I wish I could have told her on another social media that I’m a part of (decidely not fetish!).

She agreed with something I said, but thats all.

Idly, I added her as a contact.

And – I speak of that thunderbolt, and how so many Chinese ladies – Sophia BAi for one – Princess Joanie for another – and SO many others “hit me” like that!

The other Sophia.

Mistress Lucy. So many!

But THIS lady?

Like a ton of bricks, and then some, and all about the eyes!

Not necessarily beautiful, young, or anything – but the eyes!

They made me feel instantly like a DRILL went through me like sh ewas looking not AT me, not in the deepest depths and caverns of my sissy submissive soul (perhaps thats why I did laundry three times for my S.O. right now, while she’s feet up, on the laptop!) … THROUGH ME!

Bores through me – a look that …

Plainly said, no words needed …


Wash my feet, boy!

Know your PLACE, boy!


Send me MONEY, boy ! (shes into marketing) 

Buy me things, boy!

Yes, I know I’m a Goddess, you can’t say it enough times, boy!

And much, much more!

And these could all be affirmations in femdom and findom of a certain nature, and all written about in the world famous book on 16 INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Femdom Affirmations – you simply must grab this, and “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the mainland” NOW if you’re interested in attracting REAL LIFE femdom to you like I do.

One look at Madam Andy and her EYES and ATTTITUDE on the cover of the former will tell you! 

And lets face it, its far more fun to be dominated and introduce vanilla women to femdom than the other way!

Sure, pro Dominas are Queens incarnate too, but the joys of introducing regular women to femdom?

Quite another thing, boy!

Oh my!

Perfect Madam Kalpana – I cannot thank … you enough! 

Paye Lagu!


Mike Watson

PS – Ms Priyanka was just like her in many ways, those eyes were not as piercing, but even more knowing!

World famous series, so you’ll want to get it NOW.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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