When your wife or significant other FLIRTS with the hired help, boy!

When your wife or significant other FLIRTS with the…

…. Thats when you, cuckie, need to sit up and take notice of two things!

Not the black cocks fillig your mind all day long, dongs you so wish you could suck on, have on your computer desktop, and so forth, so you can lose yourself in the mesmerizing cuckold beauty of COCK!

Black cock, specifically!

It’s all about, as I mention on the Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots page – feet and cock, boy.

Feet and cock!

Her soles – his soles – and his dong, balls – and their asses!


Anyway ….

My own significant other – one of them back in the day – perenially bitchy, and though it, along with most of my life sounds straight out of a fantasy movie in this regard and others, she was always flirting with the “help”.

The male help.

we were in India at the time, and I remember her always “chatting” to the driver, sometimes, I felt more than necessary.

Why, I asked her. Hehe.

She’d give him tea etc too (now note, in India, giving someone tea is a basic thing – it don’t mean flirting!).

But I’d feel … With all her bitchy behavior towards me, constant bad moods etc … all boiled down to me not being “able to:” or want to (the two are different, hehe) BANG her as she wanted … !

“You’re gay, boy! You like boy’s penis!”

And so forth.

The frustration would pour out!

Back in the day, there was no book Cuck Central I could direct her to!

But what you, cuck, and I know many of you face the same situation need to notice?

One, if she aint getting it from you, she’ll get it from someone else in some other way (if not sexual, another way) -a nd from you int erms of sheer bitchiness!

Of course, thats what you want deep down inside, but she isn’t willing to indulge the fantasy that goes along with it.

Maybe, as a friend whose into cocks himself said about Bozo Schofield (that famous idiot) once ..

“She wants more than just her ass licked and you jerking off!” 

And in my case, as Madam said “cum in your pant”. 

Hehe .

And from someone that’s been doing so much of that looking at black cock recently – oh my!

It doesn’t even drain me but it does!

Then again, real man orgasms probably wouldn’t drain me either. Just looking at black cock isenough to get the most flaccid and used and spent of cuck cocks up – ramrod straight and HARD!

So much for cucks can’t get or stay hard, hehe.

We do – when it’s feet and cocks, boy!

Accept YOUR role today – and notice the signs of bitchiness and do what is required, my friend, in order to achive your fantasy in real life.

Trust me, from one that does that, lives it daily – it’s truly WORTH IT!



PS – To attract this sort of thing to you like moths to a flame, pick up the bestselling guide on it HERE (believe me, you’ll be stunned at how quickly femdom flows to YOU if you DO the thing!).

PS #2 – Almost forgot to say, she didnt really want the driver (and certainly never made out with him). She wanted me, but I was the cuck! Ah, the “travesty” of it – and the irony! Anyway, readers of this email know what I mean!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!