Indian Femdom

Why I truly do believe in the ball and Chain analogy.

I capitalized the “C” there for a reason, for those that got it (no tai-pos this time, lol).

BUt really, men complain a lot about their relationships, and the “ball and chain” as it were.

And as I sent an email to a customer on another business venture (he refers to his Mrs that way, with good reason too, except non fetish wise, heh) … I was reminded of this.

I’ve never actually been physically collared – or PHYSICALLY put into chastity.

I’m disciplined enough in that the mere thought stops me!

The mere thought attracts us – me to her, her to me – and thats all thats needed!

I’m HERS, so long as the dominant vibe stays!

And, sex wise?

I dont even leak these day si.e. no sissygasms. Heheh.

And I truly feel great!

But chains are so sexy around sub’s necks, my friend.

In mainland China, and I’ve said this, I believ ein Fuzhou? A  lady once actually physically walked out in the “rain” I believe with sub leashed, on all fours behind her to a bus stop where it all went viral.

But in a country where even business women have that sort o fthing as their profile picture (a sales lady at a company I dealt with had a chained man as her profile picture!! and when I brought it up, the others said “so what! She likes it!) – where women routinely smack their husbands in public, make boyfriends GROVEL – literally – take their money – literally and then some … and then RUN away – again, in front of them – with other men … in a country where women regularly put their feet up at Starbucks, take dumps in Shenzhen Metro Station and dont even clean it up … (and the husband stands guard – YES – true story – Google if youdont believe me!) … why would that be any surprise. Hehe.

(The Empress Cody series details a lot of this, as well as MY own experiences. Another one of those nigh extreme books, you cuckolding lot will just LOVE THIS SERIES!)

If you want femdom, true femdom, go to mainland China, and therefore my book on attracting femdom to YOU mentions mainland China in the title, although it works for everyone and on all ladies.

If you can attract true femdom though, you’re ON YOUR WAY!

And my book will help you do it and my “well acclaimed” (as a reader recently said, and he’s right) other manuals will too.

Take a gander, …. and chains?

Around male balls?


Paye LAgu, Madam!

I dont mention that in BallBusting 101, but busting balls with chains?

Now thats a new one!

Be careful if you try that – it’ll be in Ballbusting 102 though, hehe.

For now, I believe Volume one is extreme enough for most people.

Then again on Twitter, I saw pictures of sissy men castrated surgically and posting pictures of their (no longer theirs) balls etc …

My God(dess!).

I wouldn’t even dare or dream of going that far – my sissy balls are where they are, and will remain so for as long as I do.

To be kicked, to produce LUST – to be shamed, smashed, more, as I suck stud balls!

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SO I’ll leave mine attached with a chain around them, of course!

So should you, if you’re a true femdom lover!

And have one around th e neck too, doggie boy!

(Madam Sophia was so good at this).


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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