The sexy Indian Goddess that I think of EVERY morning …

The sexy Indian Goddess that I think of EVERY…

I saw Madam last Sunday, in a crowded, yet (so called) upscale “market” in India.

I saw her decked out in WHITE – just like Madam Krystal, except this Madam was somewhat slimmer, but she had the same white dress!

And the SAME size feet, could be Chinese!

And .. the same heels!

Much like I once wrote about seeing Princess Joanie in an Indian park – she is Chinese (Joanie), but this girl I saw once could well have been Princess Joanie, right down to the famous SHOES – or the bottoms of them – or both – in Cuck Central!

Just looking at that shoe (foot) pose STILL drives me insane with lust, Joanie could do to me so expertly what NO other girl could – or should I say that?

I’m opening myself up to ball whacks, I know!

But really, every lady is different in her own way!

This Goddess I’m talking about, I just saw her fleetingly for a minute before she moved on, she noticed me, me her (I was on my way to pick up beer and such) … and thats it.

Nothing more.


And I know she can feel me thinking about her every morning.

I so want her to caress my chest every morning, flick my nipples, and never touch my cock if she doesnt want to!

“Honey, look at that big dick!” Madam would croon, while those lovely dongs would be pointing at me. 

“Honey, you know you love it! Isn’t it a sexy cock! Look at the head, the pee hole!”

And then we’d talk cocks and she’d giggle and call me a sissy and faggot, and keep flicking my NIPPLES AS SHE DID SO!


Of course, if I had a dildo in my ass, preferably one of those remote controlled ones to constantly “prod” my sissy spot – it would be SO NICE!

Pure carnal BLISS.

(which is what sissygasms are all about) …

IF she’d touch my dick, I’d prefer it with her soles on my face, with the handjob being fast, furious – HARD – and quick !

And I’d cum GALLONS – remember Sin city Diaries part one, and how I’d cum to those girls in the barber salons that did that?

Now, if I could go back and redo it?

I’d do it SLOW.

Like the lady who once so nicely asked me if I like cock, out of the blue!

“Ni Xi Huan Nan Ren ma”, she giggled and asked (do you like men) while massaging me.

I’ll never forget her!

“Give you the old foot, boy!”

Was how she translated my foot fetish, and desires…


Old foot.

So true!

And her dirty soles…

If I could go back and redo it, I may cum sometimes. Explosively!

But most of the time, I’d just be edged, leaking … to cock, and her feet.

Feet and cock, boy, feet and COCK!


And that lovely big COCK HEAD pointing at you …

All of it, including her giggles, sly remarks, snide yet so sexy hot lips and tongue in ear…

All remind me of my true place.


it’s so NICE!

And you readers, I’m sure, know what I BE talking about.

BAck soon!


Mike Watson

PS – I saw a picture the other day of someone on a swimming team – a man that wanted to be a woman – turning a girls swim meet into (effectively) a trans gender swim meet.

Now, I dont know about this one!

It’s one thing to follow your heart, but biologically, males and females, well, different hormones, unfair advantages, or disadvantages in that sort of thing!

But she did look so nice and sexy in her broad shoulders standing there about to dive in, I’d love to see her dong!

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OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course, if studs get their dongs sucked and balls licked (and sucked) at the same time – x 10!

Those two courses are so worth it. Get them, start learning and implementing – NOW!!!!!!!!

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Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!