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Contrary to what a lot of you might think, for a long, long time in his life, Mike Watson struggled – horribly – big time – big big time – attach whatever epithet you want, but I went through the school of hard knocks x 100 and then some, and this happens to anyone doing something new which no-one except YOU (if you’re a true doer) sees a future in.

I did, and I was proven right, and I continue to be daily.

It was when I realized two things that – well, two things amongst MANY things which most of the so called self help gurus never talk about – that I really made progress towards my goals, and lightning fast progress at that.

One, Struggle and persistence when all seems long, long, long gone is part of it.

Without it, you’ll never succeed at the highest levels. Yes, it might not seem so when you’re facing dark, dark times – but it’s TRUE.

The wheel always comes full circle no matter what, it’s a natural law, much like I explain in Serving an Indian Goddess, a book many have, and rightly so for all my writings praised for not just the brutal femdom, and “cumming while reading” – but the thinking, the philosophy which as you can tell really does it “reality mixed in with a dab of creative license, not the other way around – NOT AND NEVER for me!” (because I am real,  I wouldn’t ever write, pen, or sell anything that ain’t).

Napoleon Hill’s book “Three Feet from Gold” is a great example of persistence paying off, anyway – this isn’t so much about life advice as it is …

Second, and even more importantly … giving IN.
ACCEPTING who are you at your deepest, so called darkest basest levels.

No, this doesn’t mean accepting illegal acts or other nonsense.

(The recent imbroglio over Facebook and Insta – man, their algorithms actually PROMOTE paedophilia, that is just HORRIBLE, UGH!) …

It means this – accepting THESE desires which never go away, they never will in any area of life.

And giving INTO them, no matter WHAT your circumstances are, good, bad or ugly.

If you dont, and dont fully and deeper (no pun) … then, you’ll never get ’em. Some might claim “thats OK, we’re happy with where we are”.

But are you?

I doubt it.

Most people aren’t happy with their lives despite saying so, most people know very well deep down inside there is fetish that they never were brave enough to explore, let alone indulge in. And hence, the success of THIS venture – because I’m by far the only one that brings all this out into the open, explains it analytically – and tells YOU how to get the same results I do, which ANYONE can – if they just “do the thing”.

Do the thing, and you shall have the power said Emerson, the great seer, the Sage of Concord, and he was right.

Femdom, maledom, fetish, FINDOM, feet, soles … what have you.

What does this mean in this regard?

It means this – put simply, way too many people want knowledge for free.

Or, “jerk for free”

And such.

That isn’t the way to any sort of real long term lasting gain.

Jerk once to a free video. I dont think you’ll be really satisfied. You keep coming back because you WANT more, NEED more, CRAVE more – of me in most cases. Haha. That isn’t even me being a narcissist – I’m the farthest thing from that – but I’m being honest.

That mindset, my soles, my ATTITUDE, all of it – yes.

But it’s more than that my friend.

You see something in me you want for yourself, good part?

My books, and manuals help you GET there. Period. No pun.

But they only will if you do.

Part of giving in is opening your wallet, and realizing what I said above. Nothing good comes without a learning curve.

And two, if you pay for it, you VALUE it.

And that, my friend explains it fully.

How much do you truly VALUE what you really want deep down inside?

The answer resides within, yet, it’s out in the open right there for you to see. You just need to acknowledge it. I dont even need to ask the question. I know. YOU KNOW! Haha.

Give in, my friend.

It’s the only way, and you know it.

Dont deny what “is” – its part of you, it always will be. Struggling against it, putting off buying what you need, and such … well, you “can” do it, but its futile, your fighting against your own subconscious mind.

And that, my friend is that.


Mike Watson

PS – Every real submissive loves two things which really spice it up more.

One ,being WALLET raped by a real man – or woman. Hehe. Nothing compares to that rush of sending MONEY and GROVELING – my!

And two, being CUCKOLDED.

And you know it boy!


Mike Watson awaits to receive. 😈


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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