Susan took a part of his manhood…

Susan took a part of his manhood…

Last night, I was thinking about a Sidney Sheldon book I read (you know, that author who loves femme fatales!) …

“The Doomsday conspiracy!”

And this book, my friend, has a real man – tough guy as the hero.

With one issue.

His wife Susan “left him”.

And, ever since she left, he didnt just drown in depression – he couldn’t even get it up!

I remember the book.

“Friends … their rallying cry became “Do I have a girl for you!”

And the girls they introduced were hot and sexy.

They’d even take him in their mouths.

But, Mr Limpie just wouldn’t get hard – none of them was Susan!

And, they’d console him (and no doubt giggle too).

“It’s OK, dear” … 

Such a lovely sissy consolation, this real man felt so humiliated!

“Goddamn it, Susan! You took a part of not just me, but my manhood too!”

Oddly enough, or maybe not, the man she ran away with was rich, had a yacht and much more.

Monte Banks was his name.

Robert Bellamy (the stud in everything except…) … called him Money banks.


Both true!

“I dont want a stud in the gym, and a cuckold in the bedroom, boy!”

I think she said Dud.

But my S.O. said that so often!

(before she accepted my cuck hood, hehe).

And hooded, phimotic “sick dick” which I so love, would never ever get “cut”!

Despite calls from women to do so, I wont.

Because Madam Ashley can’t see the head.

Some things are best left hidden. Hehe.

And it’s so sexy, the phimosis if done right adds MORE feeling to my cock than anything else does.

Carol loved it, for one!

Elephant snout … she loved putting her tongue in it!

But anyway, in the book, he meets a hooker “Pier”.

And though he can’t have sex with her (cant get hard), he eventually does …



He says… as his tumnscence SWELLS, and his MANHOOD becomes real man again!

And he “plunges into her”, and makes love again in the morning.

So thats a real man – > cuck – > real man.

Just took a real woman, a hooker who has been there, seen it all to bring it out in him!

Perhaps there is a reason I’ve written so much about worshipping ladies of the night and maids in China and  India, some of the most downtrodden ever, and therefore the most caring …

And therefore, the sexiest!

Like Pooja, whose shit I lust after.

Or, Priyanka – we all know about HER!

Or, Garima Madam Ji who took cuckolding and findom to a whole new level, or Princess Joanie, or Madam Carrie, or, well you get the drift!

A long time ago, I had a dream to be published by Simon and Schuster.

To have a house like Sidney Sheldon, a mansion.

Currently I’m saying this because I have other goals now.

But, I could well be him, so feminist is his writing!

And, that book in particular with the stud in it – that coul dbe ME!

Except, I’m happy to never have sex in my life as I keep writing and saying on Twitter.

Now, where am I leading up to with this ?

Well, perfect Madam Susan, and older lady, over 50, married, two kids, fat, wrinkles.



And I’ve penned 15 odes to her which should suffice until the book comes out.

Just thinking perfect Madam Susan makes me LEAK!

Remember, my cock no longer gets hard. But semen wells up big time!

Madam, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I’m about to shoot-leak loads, so I’ll stop. Hehe.

As someone told me on Twitter, sissies shouldn’t be cumming – we should “release”.

ANd so it shall be.

For Robert Bellamy, he took Susan back at the end.

For me, it’s off to a lovely Vietnamese girl I know to kiss her soles, ass, and everything else.

She is a hooker too, I can smell other men in her!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib.

You’re so, so nice!


Mike Watson

PS – Such a fuckin honor, even if I say so!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!