Why we all need to support Princess Dani the best we can right now.

Why we all need to support Princess Dani the…

I wrote a long post about cheapskates and how they piss me off and Bozo Schofields that take dumps in public (ugh, that guy is just plain HORRIBLE!) HERE

As if on cue, Madam Dani – she’s been feeling down as of late emailed me.

I’ve been exhorting her to tell me whats wrong – if anything, us sissies are very good friends, soulmates, and great at listening!

Thats another RULE in Sissy Central, boy, one which most people overlook, but you shouldnt i fyou’re serious about any of this.

Be her BFF – nothing else!

Trust me, if you are a real sissy, you know what I mean.

Like I do, hehe.

Anyway ,Madam finally told me!

From the lady herself –

Well… you ask what is going on, so here I go.

Where to start? IDK. Obviously worrying about finding a new job, paying bills all that is in my mind, which makes me worry ofc. Besides that, other things are happening in my life, and have stuff in my head, you know everyone is fuck up in a way.

First, my parents have COVID and have of my family, which ofc makes me worry bcs they are in Venezuela, medicine is expensive, you have to go to private hospitals bcs others don’t work… My parents are doing fine, however, my uncle is a little more delicate, he needs oxygen and all that.

Second, I kinda feel like a loser, or that I haven’t achieved anything in life… It makes me feel kinda ashamed of my parents, mostly if they need to help me financially talking, and that makes me feel even worst. As I said like a loser. They obviously don’t care about it, they are the best parents really, but still… I feel ashamed. And make me feel even worst bcs Venezuela is not a good place in any sense. So me having the opportunity of being here living well, and they do not make me feel worst.

Third… now this is about assholes. I really think I have a magnet for assholes. To put you in context, when I arrived here I meet a french guy, he comes a lot here bcs of work… When we meet he first said he did not want a relationship blah blah, and I was more than fine with it, he never gave me hope of having anything and as I said, I did not care. It was clear from the beginning. A few months ago he said, he was ready to try having a relationship because he felt comfortable around me and happy. So I said, okay let’s do it, neither of us likes a long-distance relationship but both agree to try. We were doing fine, and after I got fired he said “ok, come here to France I cannot go more for this year (family problems) and we can make a plan, and figure this relationship out” I said yes. He offer to buy my plane ticket bcs I am not working blahblah, and a week after going he just disappear… delete all his accounts.. everything… no explanation, no nothing. And that has me like wtf is wrong with me? (and yes, I know in this case I am not the problem, he is, he is more fuck-up than me, but still, I can stop wondering what is wrong with me…) As I said, I have a magnet of assholes.

So now you know what is mostly going on with me. That is why I have been feeling kinda down lately.

On the other hand, I am happy about your news “next week” is a step. So I really hope you get that good news that you need.

I won’t expound on the last part, thats some business we were talking about (personal).

bUt the rest of it – she’s going through a tough phase!

I motivated her – as I’m well known for doing – and told her the darkest hour is before the dawn, and well, COVID, what can I say – just UGH to whoever spread this damn thing (we all know who).

But the French cheapskate she’s referring to pisses me off!

Madam Su had a similar story – one of her French lovers (a typical loser in ESL in China) – but he had a nice DICK! – and was apparently somewhat good at satisfying Madam once told me about him.

While I was pressing her feet after she had a lot of sex with him, he left, and she was tired, me, just pressing her feet while she drank wine and relaxed.

“He’s so thick!” 

Wait a minute.

That wasn’t what I was going to say, but she told me that haha. And it was music to my ears, but weeks later, I received a note from Su.

“I seem to attract asshole!”

And she went on to tell him how he ended up in jail for something, and she went to visit him, and she found out of course, this asshole was married …

I dont get it, guys!

If you’re married, tell her!

Yes, she’ll ask why you’re flirting with her, and if you’re not married, she’ll ask you why too.

BUT THATS HER RIGHT – remember what I said in 16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Attractions (translated by Dani no less).

SHE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! SHE can ask questions, you never ever can, BOY!

Those are not just words, they’re incredibly powerful words and affirmations – because – they’re SO TRUE!

And Dani was complaining about attracting assholes too.

but she’s not a magnet for assholes, she’s So NICE!

Without further ado, back to her …

here is what I responded with.

Hi Princess!

Thanks for explaining your story but I wouldn’t think you’re a loser just because your parents help you! Trust me, sometimes we need the help – and I think you’re quite young yet? I don’t know, I forgot Madam’s exact age but I know you’re still quite “young” in that regard – now yes, NO-ONE likes to accept help, but if its parents that dont mind, I dont know, you’re lucky I’d say.

And, its not like you’re not working to improve your own life – your trying – its the Bozo “mooching off” sort that is really a loser, and I know many guys like that.

Believe me, you are not a loser, Princess – but I can understand why you feel that way … i.e. no-one likes to keep asking for money …

For me, personally my parents have never helped me with anything – which meant I sometimes went through very tough times money wise – like, REALLY tough. But, I’m glad for it – it’s given me the confidence to face any situation, although I must admit

(chopped, not relevant)

Thanks for the “happy for me” part, but I still predict <chopped>. . . but, like you said, step in the right direction !! After a LONG time , but still , better late than never, darkest hour is always before the dawn, Princess – for YOU as well!


(but I still worry a bit about the eventual cost etc, just like you are right about bills etc – because now, everything and everyone that CAN charge is not just charging double, but FIVE times what it should cost. Thank you (NOT!) Covid…)

Now, the French dude is just a cheapskate I think, the minute he had to pay (which you didnt ask him, he promised) – he disappeared … Which is what a lot of these ladies dealing in findom etc deal with too (and funnnily enough,I just wrote about this too ) – cheapasses! I HATE that sort …

No, Princess, you’re not a magnet for assholes. Hey. WE attracted each other, and though I’d worship YOUR asshole, hehe, I dont think either one of is an ass that way …

(but men in general, you know how they are, haha)

Hang in there – it will get better – as you know – HOPE – and it eventually WILL Get better in ALL WAYS!!

But relationships (committed ones of any sort) – – thats the problem these days, it all ends in disappointment. Thats why I never attach labels to anything, just in the flow, and as it goes – no real committment on either side, sounds “flaky” I know ,but it works best ultimately like that nowadays in this crazy world we live in!

But, I still feel sad I can’t press your feet and give you a long massage while you talk more …

?And last, but certainly not least, again, the plague from China, what I can say… just, my best wishes to your family and I hope they recover – certainly not easy to find good or any medical care in places like Venezuela, I know that much, and what you can find is wayyyyyyyy the fuck too expensive………….



(French guy, was it just meet online, or sleep together a few times or more than that? Of course, just curious!)

(hopefully at least he was good in bed if you did sleep together, haha, if nothing else, you need “that” to relax!)

so, some sage insights there, least of all these tags that seem to be so important for people.

As I keep saying, in the flow is all that counts – and matters.

And these French guys – or assholes in general, well, I think she never had sex with him, but if she did – I hope at least he was good in bed!

She needs to relax.

ANd she’s a great translator guys, so if YOU have any projects for her to work upon – paid projects – let me know, and I’ll pass on to her.

No, no commissions for me.

I’m just honestly happy and honored to press her feet and be a sissy for her, and if she can make money from the introduction, as I’m sure every real femdom lover would agree – so be it!

Paye Lagu, Madam Dani! I’d kiss your feet multiple times if I was with you now!

And, I’d massage you all day, not that I wouldn’t anyway, hehe.

Sissy kisses, and best –

Mike Watson

PS – I hear it all the time from these lovely fin dominas, anytime guys (a lot) are asked to pay – they disappear. I HATE this faggotty sort – dont waste her time, boy!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!