My snoring wife…

My snoring wife…

Well not “I never sleep” – as I wrote in the subtitle up there, but I sleep after her. Hehe.

Only after Madam goes to sleep – well!

Not the “fitful” sleep you have before, only after she’s snoring happily – tucked in bed, with only FEET visible, of course, and the ends of her blue granny pajamas.

“Maam, puri rat apke per dabane me jo maza and satisfaction hai, I’m so HAPPY!”

(Ma’am, I’m so honored and happy to press your feet (and I love it!) all night long!” 

This might sound incredible to most, a person “slaving” away at his wife’s feet – she sleeps comfortably, he presses her legs, feet, repetitively as the long hours pass, sitting at the foot of the bed, in an uncomfortable position.

But as Madam Sugar knows, I’ve been in far more uncomfortable positions. Hehe. I once had my ears tied to the bed posts, and I was staring at her soles and pressing them all night long!

But anyway …

(and wives used to do it for their husbands in times bygone anyway!)

And – anyway – as the hours pass, as I keep staring at her soles, each “press” and massage making them almost shine in the dark, talk MORE to me, as I press those calves, sometimes hairy, always FAT … as she rests, snores …

… the unsexiest thing ever?

Probably to most.

To us fetish folks – well unsexy to SOME – “one man’s meat is … another man’s poison” was the saying? I dont know, something like that, but it holds true here.

I’m so honored to press her feet all night long, its the best thing ever!

And to be humiliated all day long…

Not to mention, “pressing her feet all night long” is a fantasy for most foot lovers out there, but how many actually LIVE it – DO IT?

How many have FELT what it FEELS LIKE TRULY – mentally and physically – and overall?

Not many at all, I’d say!

It is such an honor to massage her feet all night long – not just a fantasy – DOING IT! AS the hours pass, the submissiveness GROWS… I SO LOVE IT!

One of those things you gotta DO TO EXPERIENCE – simple as that!

And I’m lucky enough to have done it, and keep doing it, and always will – I will always cherish it!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji – youre the best!

Best ,


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Mike Watson
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