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Why I DON’T like being her footstool, hehe.

I still remember Madam Rendy, a lady I once met … I think in 2017, then again I believe in 2019 (when she was breast feeding, and hired me to go to the Trade Fair in China, and so forth – long story!)  …

I still remember me running full tilt after a taxi that was “escaping” from us – hehe.

“You’re so fit! I could never do that!”

But, I could never do what Ma’am does, be a GODDESS!

Those feet, so NICE, so soft, so SMALL!

And the first time I met her, I remember her “supervising me” in my classes without trying to be overly intrusive – she knows I hate that!

But she was ther,e watchful eye, and in SHORTS!

It was all I could do to keep my gaze away from her lovely , sexy, FEET!

Madam is so NICE!

And those are HER feet on “FEMDOM CENTRAL – Truly 15 femdom experiences that will leave you GASPING and SALIVATING – for more!

Like all my books do, of course.

And specifically, perhaps THIS ONE…  more so than many others, though they all do, so you so need to get them NOW. (if you’re truly into this) (if not, no need).

But anyway, the cover shows a footstool.

And oddly enough, thats a huge fantasy for many guys!

For me, even more oddly enough ?

It isnt.


Dont get me wrong.

You KNOW how submissive I am to women!

But, to me, a footstool is good for her – but I can’t press her feet at the same time, and I can’t see her SOLES, that holy grail for ALL FEMDOM – REAL FEMDOM – nitty gritty- LOVERS!

The footstool fantasy, I dont know, some girls love it, but mostly they will all take a massage over that!

And a real massage, not wanking your dick as a certain “Schofield” does – or playing with your nipples and all that.

Staring at her soles, and loving them – THAT is the true power exchange.

She knows it, you do – so do I!

“Talk to my soles, not ME”

Madam Susan, you’re SO RIGHT!

And , I dont know.

Short one.

like my dong? Hehe (nah, not really).

I’ll be her footstool if she wants, but preference wise, other things! hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re just a foot lover, then perhaps this is great for you if she’s putting her feet on your shoulders. But even then, I truly believe SOLES should be number one for all real femdom lovers, they dont lie, they dont DISTIUNGUISH, even the unpedicured ones, they are truly the lowest part of her body, so … !

And even just foot lovers, often times you can’t see even the top of her feet in that position.

Maybe her sandals tho, hehe.

Get the book now. You will love the REAL experiences!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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