Indian Femdom

Massaging and worshipping my wife’s rolls of fat, that massive paunch that HANGS!

I’ve said before – my wife is so dominant and rude she could almost be a man – except without the penis!

Loud. Domineering. Bratty. And so NICE for all of that, especially the way she is lazy, hates housework, and how the FOOT is always plonked up on the desk, how she literally yells at me from the other room like I’m her bitch (I am!!) – how I cant sleep at night even after massaging her feet, how I want to press her head after that, how Iwant to serve her SO, how I LOVE her with other men with long cocks – and so forth!

I’ve spoken before about rolls of fat. And rightly so, and lazy Goddesses, who should be lazier!

And my wife – well, I’ve spoken about her so much too!

And that paunch of hers, it literally hangs like a man’s beer belly – and she literally slaps (massages) it as she walks about.

(just like a certain Pooja Memsahib… JI!)

Reminds of the WWE Wrestler Kamala back in the day, big, huge black guy clad only in a loin cloth striding out to the ring slapping his stomach – huge tummy – to loud roars from the audience!

No, he never took the loin cloth off, so I Cannot tell you more details! Hehe.

Think away though. 😉

But the experiences I’ve detailed in Sin City Diaries, the massage girls, they’d often massage my stomach too – albeit trim and toned – and its anything but the “slapping” which a lot of Chinese massage entails. Chinese face massage, leg massage involves a lot of SLAPPING – literally – and onlookers – especially foreign devils – sometimes dont understand why the the Chinese do this – well, it has to do with lymph nodes, circulation, PRESSURE points (acupuncture) – and more!

Press those soles well, boy!

Do NOT “crush” then – press with FINGERS!

I knew there was a reason – two of them – Madam Carol showed up in a dream last night but more on that later… Hehe.

Fat stomachs (she didnt really have one that fat) -(a little “plump” as she said, happy with me!) – and the guy in the dream, huge and TRULY FAT and now I’m writing about this. Hehe.

But anyway, stomach massage is meant to be done differently. I wanted to tell my wife that, but she might have slapped me in the morning if I told her. Hehe. SO I didnt.

But that big fat stomach lends itself so well to femdom, SO WELL!

Lazy, fat, entitled, domineering, and bratty.

What more could a man ask for from a woman?

And that, my friend is that.

Paye Lagu, Ma’am. You’re such a Queen and perfect Goddess!


Mike watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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